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I'mc new here and in dire need of foot ware advice

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Afternoon! I have been quite literally spending most of my day binge watching the telly box. I've been wanting to start the couch to 5k but I don't have any trainers! Being vegan and not especially well off I can't walk into my local outlet centre and pick up a cheap pair to get started with. As I have pretty much come to the conclusion this is not going to be a low cost endeavour for me I need some foot wear advice- I won't be able to go online and buy some more if my first pair aren't right (and yes it has to be online - I don't drive and any specialist running shops will take me at least 2 bus journeys of somewhere in the region of 3 hours to reach) - am I complicating this without needing to? Help!!

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Hi NicQ,

You will need trainers.Yes

Should you go to a shop and have gait analysis and be properly fitted but spend quite a few quid..Probably yes.

But.. do the paper test. Take a print the underside of your feet (wet feet on paper) and see if you have high arches or flatter feet. You can then order them online getting sonething neutral for high arches or more cushioned for flatter feet. I don't really know much about this but you could Google it or someone on here will help.

You will need to get half a size or a whole size bigger than your normal shoesize.

Good luck and well done for wanting to get started. Lots of help and advice on here and I'm sure others will be able to give more footwear advice...

You should bear in mind that your footwear will affect your running, and that this program works and you will be able to become a runner capable of running for 30 mins. You may end up spending more in the longrun by having to get correct footwear once you get hooked.Your knees need you to be in the right running shoe or you could hurt yourself...

Slightly out of date but may give you some pointers as to where to start.


veganrunners.org.uk full of advice for vegan runners.

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ickleguiGraduate in reply to peaplodder

that list is super useful, the most recent is 2015, thank you!

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Tricky...and Bluebirdrunner has given you great advice...I did the wet foot test before I started... I did not have any idea of anything else.. I was lucky maybe, but the shoes I got, online have been perfect...I got them at sale price too... ( colours that were not popular!)

The gait analysis is the way to go, but if it an option then you have to do the best you are able to :) peaplodder has given you some good links too!

Your shoes are you best asset, next to you.. and I really hope this can me sorted..keep us posted please and we will try to be really helpful!

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Don't put obstacles in your way or talk your way into inaction

Get cracking! 🙂🏃‍♀️👍

Thank you all for your advice, I will do the wet foot test asap, and take a look at the sites peaplodder recomends. Misswobble you are 100% on the nose - pay day is tomorrow so I just need to get myself some running shoes and get on with it.

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You will need at least a half size up bear in mind as your feet swell on runs

The famous vegan runner, Scott Jurek, runs mostly in Brooks. I think modern run shoes have no leather in them if that's what concerns you

You could read up on him. Interesting chap i have his book Eat and Run, which has some recipes in it as well as his biography

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NicQ in reply to misswobble

I'll have a look, I am always interested in new recipes - and very food orientated. Going wholefood vegan is part of the reason I want to run (extra energy) often when I am out walking my dogs i feel this urge to run, but I don't want to injure myself by going it alone. I've emailed Brooks customer services after looking at the links peaplodder suggested, so I am eagerly awaiting their reply.

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NicQ in reply to NicQ

I've just checked and the Jurek book is at the library near where I work- and it's in!

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NicQ in reply to NicQ

I have the Scot Jurek book, I am really enjoying it, even made one of the recipes today. I've been looking him on on YouTube too, very interesting fellow. That you so much for the recommendation.

I love my Brooks they have been wonderful and seem particularly good if you have 'support' issues. Good luck getting them and on with your running

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NicQ in reply to Jancanrun

Thanks jancanrun, hopefully Brooks will get back to me soon and I can get going.

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NicQ in reply to Jancanrun

Jancanrun - Brooks got back to me, and all of their shoes are vegan friendly, so I will take the plunge-😁

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Jancanrun in reply to NicQ

So now we know, I didn't realise they were vegan friendly as standard. Brilliant

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I can't give you advice on gait analysis and all that (errr, don't tell but I went to the much maligned high st sports shop and just went with what they said... I should have come here first)

but this seems like a good place to ask the forum about online gait analysis? Someone mentioned on here, a while back ... a quick google suggests this sportsshoes.com/gait-analysis/ at least but you need a treadmill to do it on, but I wondered perhaps if it was an option for you, can you lovely people advise?

I have overlapping issues - I choose vegan clothing/footwear, have a smallish budget for this, and have the added problem that I can only buy from kids ranges (I also don't drive but don't really need to here). Vegan shoes - I think it's perfectly doable since people really look into this stuff, there seems to be a lot of info out there now in general.

Definitely agree on the obstacles thing though, I find the fewer excuses to wait I have, the better, for starting something.

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NicQ in reply to icklegui

Its a real pain that trying do 'the right thing' can be so expensive - I wonder if one of the local running groups may be able to help me out with gait analysis? I suppose it is worth an ask.

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ickleguiGraduate in reply to NicQ

Surely it's worth an ask! Good luck and with starting the programme too.

Investigating "the right thing" always takes time and often money too, but sometimes that means better quality in the end anyway... maybe?! Mind you this forum and the app are free and they're top quality :D <3

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Please don't kick me out of the forum but... I decided to start the c25k while on holiday and I what I had with me were some flat slip on trainer-style shoes from Ecco. Not much cushion, but I walk in them all the time and reasoned that a bit of running wouldn't do them in. I was right, wore them for the 1st 3 weeks. Tried to switch to trainers but I hate the way they push my toes together, I've switched to a lace up pair of non running trainers which let my toes move. Not for everyone, of course. I have very high arches and the arch supports on shoes don't generally touch my feet. Plus there are all the people who run barefoot etc? Anyway I suppose what I'm saying is that I think it's better to just start than to get the perfect kit. I'm on week 6 now. Once the longer runs start I might switch shoes (but not if the wretched things pinch).

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As you suggest, I think you are slightly complicating the issue, to be honest. Do not let all this good advice about gait analysis etc get in the way of getting started on the programme! For now, The most important thing is a pair of trainers that fit and are comfortable. Tricky online and on a budget, I know. So order a size up from normal to get the length, and if (like me) you have wide feet, be aware that some of the more popular brands can be too narrow. I now run in Brooks, I'm sure others on the forum will have some good suggestions too. Order a couple of pairs of running socks whilst you're at it. Don't worry about any other specialist clothing just yet. Getting started is the most important thing.

If - like so many of us - you get hooked, treat yourself to some specialist / fun / glamorous / weatherproof / items of running gear as a reward for reaching some milestones !

Good luck

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Some great advice already on here but just wanted to add my 2p worth! I'm also suffering from the great trainer predicament having terrible feet and always having worn a model of Nike that was released in 2012 and now can't be found anywhere, including eBay :(

So I speak from some experience (I have now tried on every make of trainer known to mankind!) - if you want to get a quality pair of trainers and save some money at the same time, go for a model which has been replaced by a newer version e.g. New Balance 860 v7 (stability shoe for flat arches and overpronation - see wet footprint test mentioned above) are £115 on the newbalance.com - but v6 of the same shoe is £77! Not sure if this particular example is vegan (there is no mention of any leather so could be an option for you), but the principle is the same - find something you think could work for you and look for an older model.

Take good care of your feet, you only get one pair (and the wrong shoes can really mess up your knees too), and good luck with finding something that works with your budget. But most of all, welcome to C25K, get out there and get running!

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