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Completed Week 7

Well, after almost a week off due to a sore heel I decided to get back on the wagon and finish my last day of week 7.

To be honest i was expecting it to be a disaster. In the first few minutes i felt a bit of a twinge in my right knee. First time my knees have bothered me since i started, but it seemed to disappear as soon as it came.

About ten minutes in i realised my compression socks werent pulled up over my calves. Have used them every run since the end of week 1. It didnt seem to make a difference, so instead of stopping i just carried on.

I even tried to listen to an audiobook, but that was irritating so i put my running music back on.

The run i missed really annoyed me. I havent missed one since i started. Yesterday i should have been starting week 8, not running week 7 today.

I kept saying to myself, if you get to the end and you have anything left forget week 7, go for the 28 minutes of week 8.

Well, i got to 25 minutes, and i thought, what the hell, and i went through to 28 minutes.

I have to say that i almost puked when i finished though.

Before i went for the run today, i weighed myself. Four pounds down on this time last week. That puts my total weight loss from starting this programme and Slimming World simultaneously = 2 1/2 stones or 35 pounds.

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