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Skapris - anyone come across a full-length version?

Yet another question on running clothes, I'm afraid!

When looking for running shoes, I came across Nike Skapris. For those who don't know what these are, they are capri running tights but with a "skirt" at the top, so ideal for those who don't want to display their saddle bags for all to see or any ladies venturing into the world of running tights for the first time.

The trouble is that, as an outdoor runner, I need something that is perhaps a little bit warmer than capris right now. Has anyone come across a pair of full-length running tights with a skirt attachment at the top? I saw a Japanese lady wearing a pair of these at an international dog agility competition last year, and have coveted them ever since! Now that I've taken up C25K, it seems like the ideal excuse for buying some :-)

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mine arent quite full length. they come to just under the knee but I am 5'8". I got mine from Next directory at £22.

they have a little inner pocket to the side front just big enough for keys & a drawstring waist so you dont have to worry about them falling down!

also size is true to size. (tried the nike ones & their fit was all wrong for me)


Thanks, Shelley. Those are pretty much like the Nike ones I found. I'll keep trawling the Internet to see if I can find the full-length version. Until I do, I think I'll just stick to my yoga pants. Wanted to try "proper" running tights after reading so many posts in favour of them, but I'm not brave enough to show off my lumpy bits!


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