Recommendations please ladies

After a morning run where I was overtaken 3 times by glamorous long legged runners with swishy ponytails and immaculate kit, I've decide my kit could do with a bit of TLC. Have been running in black base layer tights under cheapo Karrimor black capris with shocking pink go-faster stripes down the leg; a mid blue short sleeve top and a royal blue hoodie with lime green zips. Not, I'm sure you'll agree, the height of sartorial elegance. Anyway, I feel like the top half is just about acceptable if not accompanied by the black and pink capris. So what I want is recommendations for decent, reasonably warm running bottoms. Thin capris are great when overheating is the main issue but not in January. So, ladies, what should I get? :)


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68 Replies

  • But AM, I bet that you'll still be running in February, whilst swishy-girls will be back on the couch (or following the latest faddy thing). So it doesn't matter at all what you are wearing.


  • Bless you MarkyD, that is exactly the right thing to say to a scruffy but dedicated runner :) :)

  • This. So much. Read a couple of posts recently about people being self conscious about not looking like typical runners. The only runners I tend to feel smug and judgemental about are the ones who look like they've spent more time on hair and make-up than noticing they're alive. A teenage acquaintence recently informed me that post-sex selfies are now "a thing" (just...what?!), and my thoughts in response are the same as those for running: if you still look pretty when you're done, you're doing it wrong (and missing all the fun). ;)

  • Wow, a post-sex selfie?? That's just so wrong on so many levels!!! But you, my dear tea_fairy, are quite right - you should look creamcrackered at the end of a run. It's just that I'd quite like to look coordinated and creamcrackered for a change.

  • Scary eh? And just sad, as well. Desperate case of missing the point. And creamcrackered and coordinated is a reasonable desire. My outfit of choice is tk maxx leggings and a hideously extravagant icebreaker merino vest (in the sale on a snowboarding website and amazing: no chafing, still warm if I get rained on or sweat like a human sprinkler system, fits like a dream, never gets smelly and washes in the machine. Recommend.)

  • Now that vest sounds like the perfect bit of kit! :)

  • It's gorgeous but they're hideously pricey. Mine's sleeveless then I stick one of my dad's long-sleeved cast offs over the top (also merino: synthetic fibres and armpits are a diabolical match!)

  • Teenagers having sex??? When did this start ?? Never happened in my day!!!!

  • AM I have a pair of Ronhill running leggings which I've worn on really cold days and they are great. Mine are black with a turquoise strip down the legs and a zip at the back for keys, etc. They are very comfortable and look the bees knees!

    But I'm just about to invest in these for bitterly cold days......

  • Ooo thank you Princess. Both of them look good and are a definite improvement on thin capris :)

  • I was overtaken by those swishy girls too, today! I have a pair of Pineapple black bootcut jogging bottoms from Debenhams, which I got quite a while ago for yoga type stuff, but they've served me well for the C25K. I like them cause they're long, and they have a stonking great waistband that stops my tummy from jiggling about (that's been one of my Fears about running). And I think they look alright :)

  • Thanks Roseabi. Stonking great waistband sounds good, but not convinced about the whole bootcut thing. Don't you find them a bit 'flappy' as you run? Feel like I may need as much aerodynamic help as I can get!

  • I haven't felt impeded by any flappiness, but I'll admit I was a bit surprised that there was such a thing as 'boot cut jogging bottoms' :)

  • Mine were bootcut too. I've now got my lovely new Karrimor tights but still feel naked in them and can't stop worrying about potential unattractiveness in "that" area so I'm thinking of getting some shorts to go over the top.

  • Ali, you'll be running so fast any 'potential unattractiveness' will pass by any pedestrians in a blur of Lycra. Don't give in to shorts and spoil your aerodynamic shape ;)

  • Phew, thank goodness for that! For their sakes and mine, lol!! Certainly much nicer not having flappiness round the ankles anymore :)

  • Underarmour compression shorts underneath is the trick - they're great, stop you feeling naked and keep your bottom warm!

  • Oooo good tip!

  • They look good - on my want list now!

  • Why don't I ever meet any glamourously clad, long legged, swishy girls with bopping pony tails when I'm out running? Some people have all the fun!!

  • You probably do pass them Tomas, but you're so intent on your speed and technique that your dedicated runners' brain blots them out. ;)

  • I know not Welsh, but I think I'm The Only Runner In The Village. I have only ever met ONE other runner while I was out running around home. And he needed a shave :( lol

  • I love these tights (also comfy for commando runs) - but any of the Decathlon winter running tights should keep you nice and warm.

  • Hi Spoonie. These look mighty fine. Have heard lots of good things about Decathlon stuff. Hummmmm... The commando run! Have indulged but, well, you know...... ;) xx

  • I do love decathlon, really good value - all my kit is Nike or Decathlon (think my Asda capris will be too big by spring, oh the shame I will have to buy some more ;) ).

  • But, on the bright side, they'll be TOO BIG :) :) :)

  • Have you got a Sports Direct or TK Maxx near you? Both have loads of bargain running stuff in at the moment, lots of different styles so you can just see what works for you! I've just invested in a couple of different pairs of Karrimor running tights which are great for this cold weather, as well as a very un-stylish luminous yellow high-vis jacket for evening runs (there aren't always pavements on the roads near me!)

  • Oh Katie, Sports Direct is my nemesis. I've spent far too much money there over the last year. Have had a couple of pairs of USA Pro capris from there which start off fine and then gradually lose their elasticity. Don't know if I can face going through racks of stuff at the moment, but guess I may have to.

  • Yep to tk maxx, I have actually quite nice non luminous stripy running tights from there.

  • Another vote for TKMaxx. We do have one here, so I'll give it a look :)

  • as you know I am a HUGE fan on long running tights :D :D does it really matter if everything co ordinates ?? dont think so .. :) you wear what ever you like and continue to enjoy your running :D

  • That is the sensible and correct answer but it's not the right answer to give a woman in the mood for shopping lol :D

  • I think I have the same Ronhill leggings as you, Princess with turquoise down the side. I also have some Nike Legend slim fit runners, which are a bit boot cut/flappy at the bottom but are warm and super comfy. Also they are apparently made from recycled plastic bottles, so you can feel smug and ethical as you run!

  • Cheers Angie. Another vote for Nike and Ronhill AND another wearer of flappy joggers. Hummm what am I missing here??

  • Yeah I have a pair of the nike legend 'flappy' pants, they really aren't that flappy but I rarely wear them now as i prefer tights (and they are a bugger for pet hair and hay sticking to them which well with the zoo means they tend to get covered in 0.1 seconds of them coming out of the wardrobe)

  • Sorry I am nike girl - black and simple. The bottoms (also look at running not pro wear) all have pockets with zips to put my key, ipod, money and tissues! I fit it all in. I have long, 3/4, capris and shorts and they serve me well. It also means I can wear what ever colour top and trainers I want to because black goes with them all. I have then bought nike long sleeved running tops with 3/4 zip and thumb holes and got given another one for my birthday also good. Basically I love nike,I love them better when there is a sale so if there is an outlet near you Try that first. What I like is that they work, fit and wash well.

  • Another Vote for Nike. I think MissWobble uses them too, so they've got to be good! I'm liking your idea of coordinating black with everything Vix. *rushes off to google Nike Outlet Shops* x

  • Oh yes check out Nike outlet, ohh and or is it they normally have good deals on Nike - never paid full price (well except for my trainers, but now I know what ones I need so bargain hunting in future)

  • Ha ha!! Am also a fan of TKMaxx, where I found some running tights with a slightly fleecy inside (more suede-y or moleskin-y really)... But I am a teensy weeny bit guilty of not really giving a tuppenny wotsit about my mis-matched gear. This is mainly due to short-sighted-ness though, my glasses bounce around too much to run in and I don't have any contacts any more (eyes too.... Well, odd) so I can't see anyone else really! Today I got a bit excited because I thought I was actually going to overtake someone... until I realised they were running towards me. Oops.

  • You're a kindred spirit then Allie. My eyesight is pants too and unsuited to contacts. Running in the rain is always interesting because I can't wear my specs, so could literally end up anywhere. Haven't been bothered about how tatty my kit was until this morning but I'm a woman with a mission now and I'm going to get coordinated! May even invest in a wig so I can have a swishy ponytail lol ;)

  • I got some new Karrimor SD leggings a while back, knocked down to £7.50! think they are mens/ teenage(not all that long in the leg on me and i'm 5ft 4) ones though marked as M rather than ladies sizes of my other ones??!! My friend had bought the same ones for her son! :X But i am a fan of blue rather than pink! Don't have any thermal ones as yet, so this thread is being useful to me so thanks Ancientmum! :) I'm often mismatched too so you're not the only one !

  • My goodness you must be slim to fit in teenage boy's leggings, Ali!! When I first started the programme I bought Karrimor capris and a long sleeve top. Both have the shocking pink stripe and both of which I'm now heartily sick of. The top hasn't had an airing since I saw the photos of me wearing it at the Mo-Run. Suffice it to say, Oh dear, oh very dear!! :-o

  • They are Medium, i'm usually a size 12, its just the short leg length that had me wondering??!! and my friend son is taller than me! My size 12 black ones are TOO long and bunch up so i prefer these though just had a bit of a drafty run with trainer socks!

    I got pink and black capris ( Dunhill, very comfy!)and top from friends at Christmas, they are lovely but although the pink is subtle-ish(eg not all over!) its still bright! But it was lovely of them to buy me stuff!

    Bet you looked lovely at the mo--run! :) I have a nice charity shop reflective gilet at the moment, which covers the derriere nicely, so i can run where ever and feel brave! :)

  • And here was me thinking you were a size 00! Have to say, I really didn't look good in the Mo-Run photos but, in truth, it was probably not entirely the fault of the top I was wearing. There was contributory negligence from my knackered old sports bra ( the one that went straight in the bin as soon as I saw the pictures!) :)

  • Size 00 in my dreams! I always think I look chunky in my parkrun photos :( our family mainly shortish and stocky except 2 super skinny brothers and neices! :x

  • I feel your pain! I'm about average height, I guess, but I live in the Land of the Giants - OH 6'4" and both daughters over 5'10" /5'11" and skinny. Grrrr I always look dumpy by comparison in family photos. :-/

  • When I was our for a run this morning, a gentleman ran past me wearing shorts with flashing lights on them, which seemed pretty cool :-)

  • Wow Tanya, just wow!!

  • I know. If I see him again, I'll ask him where he got them :-) it looked like a thin strip down each leg that lit up.

  • They sound like the bee's knees and the bear's britches all rolled into one! :)

  • I'm a Nike girl too, always comfortable. I would always look out for ones with a draw cord waist. I had a very uncomfortable run having to hold up a pair of yoga pants that had got a bit big. :)

  • Heehee :D I've had that experience too, with a pair of USA Pro capris. It's not fun, is it?

  • I'm a complete scuff when I'm running in am happy with that and I'm very comfy in my scruff, as long as your doing something then that's all that matters,

  • That was my philosophy as well, until this morning. Those swishy-ponytailed lovelies must have really got to me!

  • What you currently wear sounds's really not about what we look like. What do you want from your bottoms??

  • To reach my ankles and keep my hips warm would be a start. Capris with full length base layer tights poking out of the bottom isn't a great look, you've got to admit :)

  • I like my Nike Filament full length running pants. All black, discreet zip ankles.There is a thin seam of reflective material on the lower leg but it's not obvious in daylight. They are a bit like Neoprene, thicker than Karrimors, but hold everything and are really flattering. Small key pocket in the pack. I only have the one pair, and have had them from day one of C25k, so you can imagine how much wash and wear they've had. They still look fine

  • I knew you were a Nike lady MissW. They sound perfect ( and long lasting!!) :)

  • I have my eye on the same pants but in PURPLE! The black doesn't match my road running shoes. LOL

  • It really doesn't matter what you look like :)

    But it's a pair of Karrimor tights and some NHS compression socks (underneath!) for me! Haha! xx

  • Crumbs Spiky, NHS compression socks? Rock and roll! ;)

  • I know! If that isn't the definition of scruffiness I don't know what is! Heehee.

  • I have wonderful, amazing skeleton leggings. They aren't running tights, they were £2 from Primark and I loved them so much I bought a pair and my daughter bought me a pair to go in my Christmas stocking. I went for my New Year's day run in them, feeling very swanky, until I felt a rather disconcerting slippery, draughty sort of feeling - and made a grab just in time to stop them from a) tripping me up and b) - much worse - exposing my all! I'm going to do a bit of needlework to replace the waistband before I next try and wear them :D

    Normally, though, I wear cheapo Karrimore from SD. The ordinary black leggings for normal weather and the thermal ones for when it's cold. Hope you find something that suits!

  • Cheers m'dear. Your skeleton leggings sound amazing. Do they have pictures of bones on them? :)

  • Hey AM, I feel your pain....

    There are several full make up and swishy ponytailed girls that run near me (and a few more since New Year) and I am yet to see a bead of sweat on them! But I don't really care about them as I head out into the countryside to run alone.

    But what I do hate is that since coming inside to run my weekday runs on the treadmill I seem to attract the pretty young things that run like prancing ponies, with bodies like wood nymphs on the treadmills either side of me.

    I have had to resort to the mis-matched summer kit as it is sooooo hot in the gym which means that my tattooed legs are on show (very tasteful tattoos, of course). Thus I end up like a narky beetroot between 2 infants who have no bloody need to be in a gym in the first place. Arg!

    Bring back light nights so that my mis-matched kit and I can get out on the road in peace and happy shopping : )

  • Hahaha :D Yes, what is it about those exquisite examples of womankind, that they feel the need to exercise right next to us lesser mortals in the gym? Good to know I'm not the only one out there wearing mismatched kit! :)

  • I went in to the running shop before Christmas for new trainers, and they said they all run in their old stuff, I bought my running stuff apart from the trainers off of Amazon and Sports Direct !!!! I rest my case.

  • Oh Charliesdad, I do run in old stuff! It's just that at some point, before it becomes old, all stuff has to be new stuff. I'm now at that point in the cycle where I need some new stuff to turn, eventually, into old stuff. :)

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