Couch to 5K

week 2 r1

Well what a 2 weeks i have had. As some of you may have realised i had bad news and not been out for a run or as i call it just a jog over walking pace lol.

Any how went for a run this morning was cold but gives you the incentive to keep going. The last 3 runs felt as though they were going to kill me but no i wasnt going to be beaten.

Checked my distance when i got back did 2 k or 1.29 miles which inlucdes the warm up and down as i dont have a fancy watch just yet but using a pedomator.

Hopefully i can get better bring it on my get up and go has come back

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Well done for getting back on track !


Hey, good to see you back with it :)


Great to see you back. Keep it up you may find that running feel better and more able to deal the bad news. :)


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