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Week 7 run 2 where to go from here?

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I failed week 7 run 1 just over a week ago. I got to 17 mins and had to stop. Didn't have it in me to keep going. No energy and everything hurt.

Didn't run for a whole week. Thought about giving it up

Went out yesterday and thought would repeat week 5 run 3 just to get back into it and at the end of the 20 mins I felt really good so kept going thinking I'd do the 25 mins as week 7 run 2 and be back upto date but then I still felt good after that and thought I'd just keep going and I ran for 45 mins in total non stop and even then didn't feel like I had to stop then but did as I was near home. I'd covered just under 4 miles and wasnt really out of breath or sore anywhere.

It's now the day after everything feels good. Should I try and complete the program as set out or should I just keep running whatever feels right without worrying about the app or targets

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I suppose it depends on whether you want to graduate or not. It might be a good idea to complete the program as it is, as it’s designed to build up stamina and endurance to be able to run consistently - and after all, you only have 2 and a half weeks to go 👍😁

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Don't overdo it, you were taking a risk on running for 45 minutes.

Have at least 1 day off running, then repeat run 2 of week 7, this time run for 25 minutes, not any more, to avoid injury it is not advisable to run for more than 30 minutes until you graduate and after that run a few 30 minute consolidation runs.

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We are all capable of doing way more than our bodies are conditioned to do, but not without increasing our injury risk. Sticking to gently progressive training plans is the safest way to push our limits, whilst gently increasing our resistance to injury.

Once you have completed the plan you will need to maintain regular exercise to maintain your body's conditioning.

It is not simply a matter of saying I can run four miles, therefore I do not need to continue conditioning my body, otherwise your risk of injury will be elevated.

You may be lucky and not get injured or you may find that you cannot run for days, weeks or months.

I would advise you to complete the plan and after that continue to follow gently progressive training plans.

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For the sake of longer term fitness and building up your muscles injury free I'd suggest completing the course and doing some consolidation. Assuming you're not stopping running after graduation you dont want to cause injury by overdoing things and you have plenty time to work up to whatever distance you want. Generally an increase of 10% a week after consolidation at 30mins is recommended and it really doesn't take many weeks to be comfortable running longer times and distances. Happy running

I already play inline hockey once a week. Tennis once a week and do long distance outdoor bigwheel skating whenever the roads dry up so my overall fitness is good. I've just never been able to run before for very long. I was able to run a mile in 8 mins before I starter couch to 5k but only 1 of them!

The idea of doing c25k was to be able to 3 of them in 8 each by the end! My wife does 10k in around 42 mins , park run sub 21 and I dont like losing to her at anything

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Speedy60Graduate in reply to Forest63

I also considered myself fit before I started: swimming, badminton, hill walking and gym, but I found running used a whole new set of muscles. It's obviously up to you what to do next, but whatever you decide, don't go out of your front door like a greyhound out of the traps. Every run is different and you may be disappointed.

Happy running 👍

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IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to Forest63

It is the impact of running that you need to condition your body to and although your other activities may contribute to your fitness, they are not doing much to build muscular resilience to impact.

I reiterate the advice that you are best off sticking to the plan.........or take a gamble.......it is up to you.

I think you've got your answer already.

Stick to the plan.

Great that you know you can run for 45 minutes. But that's just one run and after a weeks break. On the last run, you struggled with 17 minutes! On the next run, you might also struggle with 17 minutes.

Why go off plan now and lose structure to your running?

Keep the structure, stick to the plan, graduate, consolidate and then if you want to run longer, start another structured plan.


Wow, i’d complete the programme, the weeks rest obviously did you good so if you struggle again you know to take a bit of a break then back running

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I think you could get in a bit of a muddle if you go off the plan as it's a huge jump to run for 45 minutes at this point. You don't want to get injured and then have to start all over again. Good luck though!

I think the plan was good to begin with as I was really struggling with arch pain and tight calves but as that's disappeared I've wanted to kick on a bit quicker than the app. Last week when I failed after 17 mins i had played a 2 hour tennis match the night before which took its toll more than I was prepared for. I'm 37 and about 3 stone overweight but I'm feeling better than I have for years and really thankful that the app got me started better than any attempt I tried before.

I think no 1 plan is the best fit for everyone though. It's there any other running plan that exist for people who find couch to 5k a bit limiting

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