Couch to 5K

Is there a walking programme?

My hubby started this programme in Jan but his knees have given him grief.

He wears insoles for fallen arches and got advice for proper running shoes but they are still very painful during and after running.

He planned to run through it but the advice on here indicates that's not the best approach and I'm worried he will do some permanent damage, so suggested he power walk instead.

Are there any walking programmes similar to this one to help him stay motivated?


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I found this one. Don't know if it's exactly what he's looking for as it doesn't have podcasts.


I sympathise with your husband because my knees are playing up and I do exercises and see a sports therapist to try and help.

The other thing I do, and I think your husband would enjoy is Nordic Walking.

You need to have some basic tuition (it's not as easy as it looks) but there are walking groups you can join and if you get your own Nordic poles which you can get quite in expensively now you can go off on your own.

It provides a really good workout and the poles take the pressure off the knees.

I uses to do a lot and was really fit. Using the poles I can walk at 4mph - not that much different to my jog, lol :)

Look at the nordicwalkinguk web site. If you put in your postcode you can find an instructor and group.

Hope he enjoys it but warn him that he will get loads of jokers ask where the snow is :(


Found this when I was looking for post-C25K alternatives

I don't know anything about it, but there certainly seem to be get-fit programmes for walkers out there.


Ironically I tried C25K because I couldn't power walk! Given that pain is a constant part of my life, I have been pleased that it has been no worse doing C25K but in my first post graduation week I did three runs all on trail surfaces throughout (fancying a change from my usual very boggy brambly haunts) and my knees have let me know about it. So it might be worth trying on a kinder surface.


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