I graduated a couple of weeks ago, now hubs is eating humble pie 😜

So as some of you lovely folks know I graduated a couple of weeks ago, however my first post grad run and I've pulled a tendon in my foot. Resting it and it already doesn't hurt anymore hope to be back on it soon. How ever some of you might remember that hubs thought about running my graduation run with me as he said he could do it. Last night he tried running up to the garage for some milk for us 😏

He admitted that he didnt get to the top of the road without having to walk, now the garage isn't even 1/2 mile away about 6 mins walking pace. Guess who got up this morning saying he's going to do something about it, he didn't realise how unfit he was........ Both me and my step son just said we don't have a problem running to the garage if he needs something next time lol

We've both been saying to my husband since we started in August just how much benefit we've felt and tried to encourage him. Guess it took something he took for granted to admit he's not all that. I know I shouldn't but I feel very smug as I've told him repeatedly that I don't think he could keep up with us, he just kept insisting that running was his thing in school (30 years & 3 kids later) and would have no problems doing a 5k park run when ever he wanted to....... Guess who's trying to get him to use the c25k plan instead of just running mindlessly until he's pooped.


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10 Replies

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  • Love this...wkdjojo..πŸ˜‚

    Sounds like he would benefit from some Laura time... We KNOW don't we. haha (mindless running indeed...πŸ˜‰)

  • Good job well done there Wkdjojo ! One for us ladies to cheerπŸ˜‰ Happy runningπŸƒπŸ»

  • Am very smugly looking at him cos I know and now he knows I'm fitter than him mawhahaha

    It's a thing between us that apparently he's just as fit as me even though he's 8 years older and does no exercise because he works on his feet all day, and I sit behind a desk


  • Tee hee! We knew he would get his come uppance sooner or later!

  • Yey for Laura she has proved me right, I've said he's more than welcome to cheat on me with her but he just looked blankly at me, he's no idea who Laura is

  • Brilliant post! go you... now you can give him some gentle, well-meant advice :)

    Slow and steady and follow the plan, maybe...then he can come out running with you :)

  • Funny post!😁 You being a new graduate, I hope you run again without injury so can stay fit, or that humble pie may just repeat backup!😁

  • I'm thinking I might rewind and start at week one with hubs that way, I'm still running just building up slowly as my foot heals

  • Brilliant! And good for him for admitting he is not as for as he thought!

  • Time creeps up on all of us and it comes as a shock that we can no longer do what we used to be able to do so easily......it was exactly this sort of realisation that made me start running and I have no regrets, apart from wishing I had done so earlier.

    Good luck to both of you.

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