Can't Stop Me Now...First 5k!

Amazing! Although the route was hilly and slippery in parts, i loved the thrill of completing my first RUN! I almost started crying when i was in the final stretch, but quickly realized sobbing would seriously screw up my breathing. It has been hard work, but i only hope to build on it, improve my time and set my goals higher. Thank you so much for this program and this wonderful community.

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  • (Crying because of the emotional high, so darn proud of myself - not crying from pain or anything)

  • Well done. I think you can allow yourself to get a bit emotional about such an achievement xxx

  • Very well done! You sound as though you really enjoyed it. Lots more races to come then?

  • well done-great achievement!!! I cry all the time - after week 5 run 3 after week 9 run 3 .... its a combination of extreme exhaustion , relief and sheer happiness...... i even cry watching other people run!

  • A big, well-deserved Hurrah for you ! Well done !

  • Great feeling :)

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