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First 5k!!


Hi fellow runners. I haven't posted in a while but after some concerns about falling short of 5k in 30 minutes I did my first organised 5k last Sunday and smashed it in 39:52. I gave myself a very realistic target of 45 minutes so am rather proud of myself. I kept a lovely steady pace in the heat and felt very comfortable. I loved the atmosphere and was quite proud of myself for going solo when there were so many groups but billy no mates here just plugged her ears in and off I went...... I am now looking for my next one :-)

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Brilliant! That’s much quicker than me. Careful not to do too many long runs in a row too quickly. I found my legs need an extra day to recover from a 5k at the moment.

Oh I want to do that! But I’m only on W5 so I need to be patient!

Well done you! 🏆🏅😀

Thank you.

Yes please be patient. The programme is amazing when stuck to and not rushed. You will soon get there. Well done!

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Thanks, yes I will. I agree, the programme is amazing. Love every minute! ❤️🏃‍♀️👍🏻


Well done Kazzy, a grand job done there!

Great time too 🏃🏻‍♀️


Oh that sounds fantastic! I am tempted to try the parkrun to try and reach that 5k target!!!


Well done! That's really good and not slow! I won't be under 45 mins when I finally run 5k !

Oh that's brilliant news kazzy!

I hope you got a nice medal..,it was a very hot day on Sunday too!🌞😎

That is a really good glad you enjoyed it.

Good luck with the next one!😊x

Congratulations. Brilliant! 🍾🍾🍾🎉🎉👏


Huge well done to you :)


Well done!


Oh well done! 👏👏👏. That’s a brilliant time too!

I wanna write that title for a post! *pouts, folds arms & stamps foot* 😂

Aah thanks all for your responses. It's all you lovely fellow runners that inspire me everyday to carry on. I truly love this new found hobby/way of life and can't believe I have not done it sooner. I always used my knees and SIJ problems as the excuse but little did I know that by training properly those issues have actually improved!!

Happy Running all xx

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