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race for life

Hi all,

Apologies first if Im breaking any rules here, but I thought Id ask if anyone would like to sponsor me for the race for life?

My aim is to run the whole 5km in somewhere between 30 and 45mins. This year is the first year Ive ever been running, and thanks to the C25K plan Ive actually managed to complete running 5km, albeit in just under an hour (Graduated Mon 30th April from the C25K plan).

This is a massive achievement for me as at just under 20stone, I wouldnt have thought Id have been able to do this - running has definately helped with my weight loss journey/.

If you do want to support this fantastic cause, please sponsor me at

Many thanks, and once again sorry if Im breaking rules.

Lisa xxx

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Well done with all you have done, its a great achievement and a long hard journey to get to graduation and beyond so a huge huge well done, congratulations and good luck with your race for life. :) :) You may want to re-blog as so many people posted blogs that youys got moved to page 2 and im sure many c25k ers will not want to miss out on supporting you and they would want to wish you all the best .


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