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Week 5 wobbles

So I've had a bit of a rubbish week for running this week which I am dissapointed in myself about. My W5R1 should have been Tuesday but when the alarm went off not only was it pouring with rain, the wind was howling outside my window too and I just couldn't face it, so the snooze went on and I went back to sleep. Wednesday I managed to drag myself out and get Run 1 done, which I was pleased with, but since then I just haven't managed to get out again, the alarm has gone off and I've just felt too tired/ too lazy / too unmotivated to get out and run.

I think a large part of it is that I'm scared of W5R3 and so am trying to put it off! Going to do my best to get out and do R2 in the morning though, then maybe repeat that again before moving onto R3 early next week. That's the plan anyway! Fingers crossed!

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I totally understand being afraid of running 20 minutes at the end of week 5! Why not re-frame the challenge, to keep motivated? What if you said to yourself: I am already doing great, and if I run even part of the 20 minutes, that will be a major triumph for me - something I wasn't doing before C25K. Then, just keep plugging away until you finish w5r3, however long it takes (whether this week, or a few runs in the future). You may surprise yourself with your strength. And if it is a bad week, next week will be better. You have nothing to lose. Just keep getting out there.

That, and perhaps think of what reward you might want for running 20 minutes. Will you tell your friends and bask in the adoration? Will you have a bubble bath? Write a blog about your total running awesomeness? Then you can look forward to the benefits rather than dreading the challenge.

Good luck! I believe in you. You managed the first 4 weeks and change, 1 more should be totally manageable. :)


At same stage and something about the Pre 8 min run music made me feel like a lamb to the slaughter for the w5r2. BUT that was ok and Laura would not jump from 8 mins to 20 unless it made sense. Am just hoping the 20 mins has funky tunes and lots of "you are wonderful" comments....Good Luck!


You replied to my post so I know we share the same feelings of trepidation. When I finished w5r2 yesterday I decided to do it again before tackling w5r3 but since then (thanks to the replies to my post) I've decided that's a bit of a cop out and I'm just going to have a go. What's the worst that can happen? I could run for 10 minutes and then walk for a couple and then carry on - it would still be better than I've run before.

Gosh, it's so easy to be brave when you're sat in your dressing gown with a cup of coffee!

Good luck with the rest of W5 and let us know how you get on.


I dealt with the week 5 R3 bogey man the other day. Like you I was thinking that I could not do that much running without a walk break there in lies the problem, we only think we can't if you can do W5 runs 1 & 2 then you can do the 20, before you know it Laura will be telling you there are only two minutes left! Go for it!


Thanks for your comments everyone, they really do help! Feeling really positive right now because this morning I got out and did Run2 and it went really well! Dare I say even,that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! A whole 8 minutes!

Kat - I was thinking exactly the same as you before this morning, that I'll do Run2 a couple of times, but as you said - what's the worst that can happen by giving Run3 a go!

Alaiyo - you're right, that's a much better way to think about it - If I get to 10 mins that'll be great and I can just see what happens from there. And now I think it's off to the shops for a little treat after running my 8 mins this morning!


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