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Week 5 rubbish day!

Some of you may remember me posting last year, but there's a lot of people on here who won't, so just letting you know - I started the programme last year about may I think and had to stop due to back pain. Restarted twice since and have managed to get onto week 5, which is the most progress in each restart! Last week I did all of week 5 except 30 seconds of run 3! So today I was happily thinking, no problem, I so nearly did it that it'll be a breeze.

Well, first of all my running hat broke just before I set off, then for some reason my armband kept sliding off and I had a leg buckling moment at just over 5 minutes! Walked most of the way back apart from about 3 minutes. So discouraged now! Then to cap it all off there was a MASSIVE spider hiding in my running bag when I got home! Even my husband said it was big, so it must have been!

This whole year has been about trying to battle depression, drinking too much because of the depression and trying to get some sense of self worth.

Feels like I'm never going to graduate.

So, there's my rant.

I know I need to just get out again and hopefully it'll all come together,

Feels better just writing it down 😊

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That's just a lot of bad luck. You can do this. Your so close. You can almost taste it. Promise yourself a nice treat for completing this week. And just plot a redo of this week. You can do it.

Nothing is going to beat you, Take a deep breath and remember it starts with one step.

My trick is to have an argument with myself. About something anything, or think about something that bugged me. It makes the time go fast. Then when I feel I can't I start my mantra.

I can do this, I can do this! Giggles I even throw in the occassional good girl and well done when I know I pushed a bit more and return to my mantra!


Bummer Camperfan! It's just a bad day. Move on. I'm a depressive too, but I really find the running helps, so if you CAN keep going I would encourage you to do so.

Pesky spiders, eh! I hate 'em too. We seem to have more trouble with finding mice in inappropriate places at the moment. *Glares at butter-wouldn't-melt pussy cat across room* ....


Hi Camperfan , yes I remember you ! :-)

Sorry youre having a rough time of it xxx

Have a couple of days rest and get back out there again. Today was a bad day but you can do this, you really can !

We are all behind you , keep going and keep posting . We will support you every step of the way xxx


Thanks everyone xx had a good talking to myself and you're all right, will post my success soon!


Aw bless you! Don't you just hate days like that. I had one of those yesterday and it had absolutely nothing to do with running (or spiders)! Well done you for moving past it. Looking forward to your next success :)


Thanks Hilbean, me too!


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