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Map My Run stats

As you guys know, I am a complete newbie and today I used the Map My Run app for the first time - just to see what it does. I have heard some say the signal drops out etc., etc.

Looking at the red squiggle on the map, it looks like a fair representation of my route.

I started it (set to 'run' on the options) just before I left the house (as someone suggested it works better if connected to the WiFi initially), then started Laura, then started my 5 min warm up walk for W3 R2.

At the end of the podcast, after the 3 min walk warm down, I stopped the Map My Run app.

The stats are: 3.54km, 28:07 duration, 7:57 min/km, 307kcal used.

In your experience does that sound right? I think the min/km sounds too high, I don't go that quickly. I walk at a fair pace but don't really speed up for the run. I listen to the advice from you guys about taking it slow and completing the course rather than go fast and either pick up an injury or 'fail'.

The only other thing I can say is that on the last part of the of the 2nd 3 min run, I gave a short burst where I upped the speed, knowing it was my last run - I don't know if this changes anything.

I'd like to know the accuracy purely for tracking/developments sake. There is no point in having duff info to work towards.

Thanks for any advice.

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Well, there are two variables here: your time and your distance. If the time was correct but you feel the pace wasn't, then the distance must be incorrect. You can check the distance by using an online map service and then you will have your answer.

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Sound about right.

A good walking pace is 10 min/km

A good jogging pace is 6 min/km which is the pace needed to do 5k in 30mins.

Your in between this with your walks and jogs @ 8 min/km.

If your walking quickly at around 9min/km and slow jog of around 7min/km its pretty good going so keep it up.


Thank you for your replies.

Thank you Lost_property for a very comprehensive bit of information, it is really helpful.

I know there is no right speeds etc. and it is not a race but it is good to know whether the app is reasonably accurate.

It is handy to know the mins per km for the 5k achievement - I am going to sign up for the G.O.S.H. Santa Dash. It is something to aim for, a good way off yet to allow me to ready for it but most importantly a way to give something back.

Thanks again guys.


Your welcome, what I wrote should only be a very rough guide though. Im making assumptions based on myself and my own experiences. Average walking pace depends on factors such as gender, age, fitness level, leg length and the terrain your on.

None the less, your times are very good.

Till you start longer running times I would ignore the times/pace for now, maybe start using it on the last run of week 5 and onwards.


Yes, I think you are probably right - don't get bogged down.



The running is the important thing.......the stats are just for fascination.


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