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Newbie here! Anyone else having problems with the C25K app. I have it on my Samsung S3 mini. I've had a few issues and then this morning was about to start W4R1 and the app refused to let me sign in! :-( It came up with a log in failed error. I have reported this problem previously to NHS choices, but no suitable fix suggested!!! I had to download a different app so that I could complete the run, then when I came home home I reinstalled C25K using my daughters e-mail details (problem is it loses all your progress). It's extremely frustrating because I am thoroughly enjoying the programme and am eager to try to complete it. (I HAVE NEVER, EVER, RAN IN MY LIFE!! SO AT 50 SOMETHING THIS IS A PRETTY BIG DEAL) :-) I just wish the app was more reliable because it's a massive boost when it does work. Any suggestions welcome. :-)


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  • I also have it on a S3 mini and its favourite trick with me is crashing at the end so you get the full run, but it doesn't mark it as complete. I have found it is slow to sign in if I have just left the wifi of home to go onto the 3g signal outside, although rebooting the phone recently seems to have helped (down from circa 90 seconds to around 20).

  • I have given up on the app now I just use the podcasts, they don't mess up at all but you have to deal with the awful music. What it was doing for me was freezing, so that after struggling on for ages Laura would say that I had done 5 minutes, and I knew by the number of tracks that had played that it was far longer. When I asked a similar question on here people also said they had trouble, so I switched to the podcasts and have had no difficulties since. Apart from sometimes feeling that I am running in a lift with piped music. :-)

  • I don't mind the music. It's mostly not the sort of stuff I would listen to normally (especially the rap stuff - defo a million miles from my taste!) but it all seems to fit well with the activity I'm doing at the time, and I find myself humming it through the day! I loved the W1 warm up music - the greatest day - very uplifting and I still sometimes put that track on for my warm up if I'm not feeling too enthusiastic first thing in the morning.

  • Hi, Thank you for your replies, much appreciated. Can someone explain the 'podcasts' please and how do I get them? I'm afraid I'm not very technical! Thanks. :-)

  • I'm not very technical either but I managed to download these to my phone, just listen to each ne and follow the instructions

  • So many people seem to have trouble with the app. I used the podcasts without any problems at all. I just downloaded them from and they play through my music player like any other mp3 file.

  • Brilliant, thanks for your replies. I will give this a go. :-)

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