Couch to 5K


i was so pleased with myself completed week nine three weeks ago decided to try and increase my speed was all going great until sunday completed my run on treadmill at gym put speed up to between 9 and 10 felt quite good until later that evening right foot felt bit painfull , by monday evening could'nt put weight through foot after trip to local walk in clinic and a & e dept advised have a stress fracture, im so fed up can't run at all now for a while and worried will lose all the fitness that i have managed to build up so far

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Hi that must be really annoying for you I'm sorry. Don't get to disheartened, injury happens to everyone at some point. You just have to rest, no other choice I'm afraid! Are you able to do some other exercise that won't put any impact on your foot, like swimming? This might help to keep your fitness up while you recover. How long have you been told to rest for?

When you do go back to running just ease into it gently, if this is something you plan to keep up for life then there's no race to try too much at once! You might need to go back a few weeks in the programme it just depends on how you feel. At least you are itching to get back out there, I bet you didn't feel that way about running at the start of the programme.

Good luck :)


Oh no, what a bummer :( Who'd have thought running could do that!! I hope you don't lose faith in yourself, you'll get back out there. Just rest and plan out what you're going to do when you're recovered. Hope it's all better soon, I feel for you x


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