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Post C25K injury

Hi all! Been out of action for a couple of weeks due to pains in my left foot and right hip! I had a sharp pain in my foot every time I put all my weight on it so I made the sensible decision to rest it and hold off on the running for a little while! As for the hip, it's a twinge when I'm standing/sitting in certain positions and seems to be totally random! Both places have been feeling good for about a week now, so I decided to go out this morning for a run (last run was Sat 29th March). The whole time I was running, I was fine (felt good, steady rhythm, good breathing), but when I stopped to do my cool down walk, the pain in my right hip started up again! When I got home I did lots of leg stretches and also some deep lunges to try and stretch the hip muscles - does anyone have any other advice? REALLY don't want to have to sit out any more runs (which is great as I think it must mean I have the bug)!! But obviously don't want to make anything worse either. Could it just be insufficient warming up of those muscles? Any help would be much appreciated :-)

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Have you been to see a physio? If I were you I'd get it checked out. Does the stretching help? Have you thought about a good stretching session before a run?

Sorry I can't be of more help.



Thanks for reply. I've not seen a physio, but will have to consider it if this continues! The stretching does seem to be helping quite a bit. I've been stretching the hip throughout the day since my run this morning and it is feeling much better now. I think I will try a good stretching session BEFORE I head out for a run (and before the warm-up walk too) and see if that helps. Fingers crossed it's just a minor issue that will heal itself. Good luck on your journey to Week 9 :-)


It might be worth you seeing your GP just to get this checked out. I must admit I tend to err on the side of caution but better be safe than sorry. Good luck and best wishes.


Hello ra220

I had this same problem. When I was running it never hurt but as soon as I stopped it would twinge. I was able to run through it. I did take a few days off when it was bad. Hopefully like me the more you run the better it will become. I dont get any pain now. I completed this programme before christmas and am now doing my second 10k race in 6 weeks. all the best


I found with hip twinges that I needed to do the stretches not just on days that I ran. I did some stretches first thing in the morning and last thing at night every day for a couple of weeks (as well as after runs). It helped enormously and after a couple of weeks I wasn't getting any pains any more and went back to just stretching after runs. What footwear are you running in? It might be worth getting your trainers looked at and a gait analysis done - it's amazing the difference that can make to minor twinges and aches. Good luck with the running.


Thanks to everyone for the replies! My hip was fine Saturday morning and has continued to be okay up until today. I'm yet to run on it, but am hoping to go out this afternoon :-) I'm doing stretched everyday, which seem to be doing the trick!

As for trainers - I've already got a very supportive pair - they support my high arch and have a good shock absorber across the bottom, which is working well.

Let's hope this was just a blip that I can overcome myself with some simple stretches. I will, of course, be keeping an eye on it, and any pain during the run will prompt me to slow to a walk and head home.

Thanks again for all the help :-) Good luck to you all on your journey!!


Update: Ran yesterday early evening and despite starting the run a little on the fast side, managed to make it to the end and hip was (mostly) fine - started to feel a little stiff in the last 5 minutes of run, but decided to push on (possibly a bad decision - c'est la vie!!) Came home and did lots of stretching - all different angles that I could think of, and it seemed to help a lot! Walked to work this morning (15 minute walk) and it was sore, but bearable! Did some more stretches and now it seems to have loosened up again! So I think my conclusion is that I can continue to run if I take it easy and give my hip lots of TLC before and after the runs, as well as on rest days. Thanks for all your help and advice :-)


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