Couch to 5K


Can't believe that I'm already into week 8 with only 1 more week to go after this one. When I think how I used to feel after those 1 minute runs in week 1!!

This plan is absolutely fantastic and for those of you who are just starting out and thinking 'yeah right, like I could run for 30 minutes' then believe me you will!! I thought exactly that and I am amazed just how far I can now actually run.

I am not a slim person by any means, actually I'm 4 stones overweight, but I can now run for 28 minutes non-stop. Ok I was tired at the end of it and I looked at the time on my phone so much for those last 3 minutes but I did it - 28 minutes non-stop running.

If anyone is contemplating beginning this plan but is a little unsure and maybe thinking you wouldn't be able to do it, then please have a go. Honestly if I can do it, then anyone can :-)

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Well done. I could have written exactly the same myself. I am planning to do week 8 run 2 tomorrow. Week 1 had me wondering if I would get through this plan but I am now on week 8 and in 12 days time do my first 5k race for life run.

Good luck for your next run.. We can do this! :)


Running madness isn't it, really amazing what body and mind can do :) enjoy your remaining runs before graduation :)


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