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A few firsts today:-

1) running in town on my own. I must admit I was a bit nervous and self conscious about going it alone. I'm sure the same van drove past me several times (paranoia!) 

2) running 28 minutes non stop outside. 5 minutes in I thought no way am I doing this but I kept on plodding. My breathing was ok but my thighs were killing! Going up a couple of inclines I took my Dads advice (he's run a few marathons) and ran tiny little steps which felt like I was going quicker but seemed to help. According to my Fitbit I did 4km in the 28 minutes so not bad. 7 seems to be my natural pace.

3) first time listening to Laura! Hubby usually keeps track of the time for me as I struggle to read my Fitbit while running so without him with me I thought I'd take Laura along with me instead. I think she's lovely!

5 runs to go! 

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Well done! I have my w8r2 tomorrow to look forward to :-).

4km in the 28 minutes is great - more than I am doing! Ironically, yesterday was the first run when Laura didn't work properly - 7 minutes into the walk I checked and she had decided to take a loo break maybe?

If you are concerned about running solo, and I am sure you have thought about this, but maybe have your partner on speed dial/attach a verbal cue to your partner's contact so you can simply (on an iPhone at least) press and hold the microphone thingy on the headphone cord until it beeps and then say "ring <verbal cue>" and your iPhone will ring your partner.  Just a thought :-).

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That's a great idea! He's pulled a muscle in his calf so I think I'll be graduating alone :( Good luck with your run tomorrow. We're nearly there! 


Good luck.. you lot are all so speeeedy!!!! I feel like complete snail..but hey. I am enjoying it.!

Thanks for the phone tip too!

Enjoy your run!


Well done Anica, not long to go now, 30 minutes is doable!  


Thanks Patrick. I still start every run thinking I'm not going to finish but I'm good at ignoring those gremlins in my head! :). 


Brillogs! Van driver came around as was so impressed with your running:)

Well done you..slow and steady... keep it going :)


Unless I looked like I needed a lift! 

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