Wk 5 Run 3 done!

The gremlins were out in force this afternoon ......... It's too hot ..... It might rain....... I had too much to drink last night ....... I should look after the dog ........... I can go tomorrow ....... I can't run for 20 minutes .....

But I did it!

My inspiration - and what got me out there was reading some posts on here - so thanks!

20 mins is a long time - long enough to compose my version of 'stamping on the gremlins' to the tune of 'we wish you a merry Christmas'

So .... With thanks to everyone who says they make up songs en route ......

I'm stamping on all the gremlins

I'm stamping on all the gremlins

I'm stamping on all the gremlins

With each stride I take!

And it's week 5 run 3

And I'll get there slow - ly

By stamping on all the gremlins

So they can't bother me!!



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  • Way to go Tess! Another secret songwriter. Well done on stamping on the little bu***rs and getting that big week 3 safely tucked away :) How were the calves? It may well start to get easier calf-wise from now on, as your muscles adapt to the new regime. Congratulations (and good luck for week 6)!

  • Thanks! Calves agonising! Interested to see what happens in week 6!

  • Single leg calf raises help as well. Stand in front of a wall, just touching it for support. Stand on one leg and raise your heel off the floor. Apparently you should be able to do this around 30 times. My first try? 7 :( but I can do 30 on each leg now. :)

  • Thanks McFitty Do you do that before or after the run? My balance is dreadful, but hopefully the running will he it. Well done on 30!

  • Wish I could say I was that focused... I do it whenever I remember! While I'm standing waiting for the kettle to boil, right now at the kitchen counter because you reminded meπŸ˜‰. But I do do the knee strengthening squat exercises religiously, when I get up, and before bed.

  • Well done Tess , a major milestone in the programme and you smashed it to pieces !

    Keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx

  • Love the song! And well done for stamping on all those gremlins right through w5r3! Happy running ;)

  • I LOVE your song!! Well done on W5R3, it's a big one and you did it!!

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