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Wow! Week 8 Run 3

Okay so I've totally amazed myself this evening. I ran between two markers on the grass at the park close to the path and counted my lengths. As I don't have gps watch or even an app on my phone I mapped it out on mapmyrun when I got home. I did struggle a bit during my run and even afterwards I was beginning to question if I should move on to week 9, this is because after week 7 I felt great after completing the week. (majority of the time only taking 1 days rest between runs) But this week I took 2 days off between each run because that's the way its worked out. Anyhow I roughly managed the below which I'm just amazed at:

6.44 Km Distance

28 mins Duration

4:21 Avg Pace

571 KCal

I mean who would've thought that was possible when I only managed the below on W8 R1:

3.41 Km distance

28:00 mins duration

8:13 Avg Pace

263 kCal

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Wow is right, that's amazing progress & gives me hope as I'm on W6R1 & average pace is 8.50 per km so I'll keep plodding away! Well done you!


That's a big difference. Well done. Did u measure the last run the same way?


I was running on the path for R1 and yes I mapped it out afterwards and that was 13 days after completing W7. When on run 2 (really 3 as I had to repeat r1) I roughly recorded the below:

4.11 km Distance

25:00 mins Duration

6:05 Avg Pace

372 kCal

I keep thinking I've done something wrong but I mapped it as I had counted.


If you have a smart phone try and app to help you be more accurate.

I'm not saying you didn't run those times and distance but if you are slightly out on the mapping the distance will increase a lot if you are doing laps. Last thin u want is to be disappointed with the next run. Or grab one of those wheelie things that surveyors have to measure distances and run with that ;)

Fab progress anyways


Hi Tiger79,

I had done it wrong please see my response to Stubbyp and what was the more realistic results. As I always say only roughly.


You almost doubled the distance, that's some super human effort! Are you sure you didn't miscount the number of laps? You didn't count the number of laps (2 legs) rather than legs on the first run? I agree with Tiger79, you don't want to be disappointed next time. If you had made a marginal increase then I wouldn't question it, but you've almost doubled your pace between runs and I think you would have noticed that when running as your speed would have been significantly greater. If you've managed that then very well done, but just check your numbers first.


Also note that 3.4km in 28 mins is about my pace and I would have to be running rather than jogging to get to 6.4km.


Okay so what I did was count the runs from marker 1 to marker 2. This is not how I should of mapped. A lap of a course is from the start back to the start. I should have counted from marker 1 back to marker 1 which is easy to work and when remapped:

4.63 KM Distance

28 mins Duration

6:03 Avg Pace

328 KCal

I would download an app however my phone refuses to at the moment. I think the above is very much more realistic. I mean I really couldn't believe it myself.


P.s Obliviously this is rough calculations and I understand all my results are only rough est as I'm not using gps tech.


That looks better and still better than your run 1, well done!


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