Couch to 5K

Week One, Run Two - Complete!

Yay that is my second run of week one complete!

I was very nervous about the second run as my legs were still recovering from my first run on Tuesday, especially my quads! I was going to go to an alternative location because the hills in the park almost killed me on my first run, but time wasn’t on my side so I opted to go to the park again and time my runs so the running periods were either on the flat or downhill and the walking periods were up the steeper slopes. I found myself so much less out of breath than I had found myself on my first run! I talked myself into thinking that perhaps I had cheated slightly as some of the runs were downhill so chose to add on another minute of running before my cool down walk.

When I returned home I didn’t feel sick like I had done last time – hoorah! The sicky feeling was something I was really dreading as that was definitely the worst part of my first run. So yay! Week one, run two complete…..bring on run three! I am looking forward to it.

And thank you for all your very helpful and encouraging replies on my previous post!

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Very well done :-)


Whoop! Well done my lovely :) Glad to hear it got easier - think you'll have r3 in the bag!! xx


Brillant - glad it was easier. Good news you didn't feel sick.


well done Gems - you're doing great..I just completed w1R3 this morning woohoo!


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