Couch to 5K

Feeling down, tired, demotivated and generally a bit rubbish!

I've just come back from w7r1 and for the first time in the plan I've had to keep stopping! I didn't stop still and carried on walking but I couldn't keep running to save my life!!

Whilst I was running I was thinking to myself, "Why am I doing this?" and I just think my motivation for it has gone. I couldn't get my breathing right, my legs hurt and I was sooooo hot. I feel really down now and I'm not sure I want to carry on.

I use the Runkeeper app and noticed that I set off faster than I normally do so maybe I went out too fast and tired myself out (when I say too fast, I'm only talking 11 minute mile, nothing super fast) although I normally run around 12.5 to 13 minute miles.

I am going to do my second run in a couple of days so I'm not giving up yet, but I really could do with a kick up the bum I think.

Oh well, moan over. Thanks again for all your support :-)

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It's ok you can moan here :)

I had a bad run last week, I'd graduated the week before, so upped my run to 33 mins. Although I managed to complete it, I started off much too fast and that set me off really badly for the rest of the run and it was pretty much hell.

All I can say is keep going, it doesn't matter if you stop, do week 7 run 2 next and see how that goes only try and not go so fast at the beginning. I'm doing my long run tomorrow (been interval and tempo training this week so far) and my plan is to start off reeeeeally slowly and see how I get on.

So no kick up the bum but maybe a gentle nudge :)

Reply I am so scared of This reminds me of when I learnt to drive. I had a really bad lesson when nothing felt right and it seemed like my arms and legs were pinned onto my body. I hated it and jumped out of the car declaring that I was never going to drive again. The instructor just said "you'll have days like this even as a driver" and I suppose the measure of us is not how we deal with the good times but how we cope with the bad?

I'm terrified of really starting the programme but am so impressed with all the runners on here who persevere even when they have really bad runs and really those are the people who are going to really motivate me.

IOW - people like you!

I hope you can get through this and that good times come soon. :)


Lover this analagy (can't spell tonight)'s just like 'getting' clutch control on a hill when you are day it all snaps into place!!!

stuckersbigfan - read my blogs...i had a nightmare in w8 but we all have them and let me reassure you it does get better and the good days certainly outweigh the bad ones :)


Hi stuckersbigfan,

I went out at 7 this morning and did Wk7 R2 and I felt exactly the same as you. My left knee was hurting, my thighs were killing me. Somehow I managed to keep going to the end of the 25 minutes. I refuse to give up having got this far but I just don't feel as if I am getting better at running at the moment. Hope you feel better soon. x


Hi, we do all have good and not so good days- don't be too hard on yourself,... It can be a combination of so many things which affects you on the day I think. I was gutted when I ended up walking some of the sport Relief 3 miles when I'd trained for it no problem... You will have a good run soon and will just put this one down to experience ... I have days when I think why am I doing this?!!!! But I do keep doing it so there's a reason there somewhere :-)


Same thing happened to me in Week7. Had done really well up untill then, but had one bad run and was ready to throw in the towel. I am now back on track with just 4 more runs till graduation. Remember,you will have good runs and you might have bad runs. Suck it up and stick with it. The benefits are well worth the effort.


It's just one of those bad runs, we all get them, I do quite often!!! Don't give up just listen to your body and go at your own pace :)


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