Feeling just a little bit pleased!

Just completed week five run three, I really didn't think I could do the 20 minute run, but made it! The first five minutes was actually the hardest for some reason, but then I found my rhythm, and it felt alright after that. Feeling really pleased considering what got me started was feeling out of breath running for the train one morning!!

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  • well done you, i so want to get to the same stage as you, aim to do week5 run2 tomorrow as today is my rest day. Hope on Thursday or Friday to post that i have completed run3!!!

  • That's great well done! Its a good one to get done, onwards & upwards. Good luck x

  • well done! getting to your 1st 20minutes is a great feeling and you are right the 1st 20 minutes is definately the worst! good luck with the rest if your week...........

  • Go you! Very impressed. Facing this myself on Thursday and really quite nervous.

  • Hey well done!! That's amazing, keep moving onwards and upwards, you've just proved that you can do it!

    I always find the first five mins the hardest, but after that they just zoom by :)

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