feeling bit down

I have an injury....my legs have been hurting now for 1 week. I've stopped running and have used ice and rest and exercises and a foam cylinder. Today I went a bit stir crazy and went out for a walk. It was a lovely walk and it was nice to be out in the fresh air and sunshine. It just didn't do it for me though. I tried a bit of gentle jogging and well still now at a point where i can really run. I have a 10K coming up and a couple of weeks after that I have the blaydon races ...really need a bit of advice ...is there anything else i can do and how long do these things take to fix?

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  • Whereabouts are they hurting Marc ? xxx

  • Calves and shins I think it is muscle strain

  • Oh heck :-( I think rest is the best thing, I know its so frustrating isn't it ? Pah, all these injuries and niggles , they drive you mad at times don't they ?

    Hope you feel better soon xxx

  • nod i think so too..i was doing so well too!

  • I know, its a right kick in the chops isn't it ? xxx

  • went out for a little relaxing walk/ run this weekend...very gentle..felt good....doing a 10K next sunday...it is not competative so if I only walk most of it it is not a biggy and it is a very scenic route

  • Compression sleeves?

  • yep got those..like them..i think though my legs are on the turn...beginning to feel better!

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