Couch to 5K

A damp end to week three... but let not my spirits be dampened!

My Sister-in-Law was running ten minutes late this morning so, despite being up and changed into my running gear, I snuck back into bed to savour a brief snooze as I listened to the wind try its best to defy physics and come in through the closed window.

I didn't dare open the curtains as I got dressed- looking at the weather would have been enough to dampen my spirits. But my snooze interlude was enough to make me forget the forcast for the day and as I crept out of the bedroom, onto the landing, the lack of natural light made me wonder if, in fact, I was up an hour earlier than I should have been.

However, I felt quite refreshed; that extra ten, unexpected, minutes of rest had a rejuvinating effect and I thought, 'Hey, what's the worst that can happen?'

'You will get wet'

'I have towels, I can dry.'

'You will be cold.'

'Then I will change into dry clothes and whack the heating fans on in the car to thaw out on the drive to work.'

'If you say so'

'Don't worry, I will make a large caffetiere of coffee to make up for it when we get home from the run.'

'I thought you were cutting down on the coffee'

'Shh, don't tell anyone; it can be our reward for completing week three'

'Okay, lets go.'

So off I went to meet Sister at the local park, about 10 minutes leisurely walk from my house. I had adorned my windbreaker in the vain hope that by being prepared with waterproofing I would not need it- otherwise known as 'Sod's Law'.

As we came to the end of our warm-up walk the interminable drizzle began. 'Sod's Law' cannot be depended upon. It was just in time for our first 90seconds of jogging... on the incline. 'Oh joy(!)', I thought, but before I could start to complain to myself, the 90 seconds was over. I was a little let down by this, I was ready to carry on. Or maybe that was the wind propelling me forwards.

So on we continued. I have quite a fast pace and a long stride compared to Sister so this morning I shortened my gait and concentrated on straightening my feet. Oh yes, did I mention? I walk like a duck. Maybe the reason I walk so quickly is so nobody notices that I waddle like a duck, I am also bottom heavy- which just adds to the simile.

Before I knew it our time was up. Week three completed! We stretched out a little- I was definitely feeling it in my calves this morning. Perhaps, on reflection, it was not wise to wear three-quarter length bottoms when it is cold and damp.

Sister and I went our separate ways and as I picked up my pace to get home quicker I thought, 'Why not run through the grave-yard'. 'Yes, okay then, lets run to the gate.' The gate came and went and I carried on running.

I considered stopping and then I heard a car coming behind me, (out of consideration for the car, of course) I carried on running so as not to slow them down before we reached a section where they could pass. The car passed and I thought 'What the hey, I'm nearly home, I'll run to the corner.'

Running around the corner and up the hill I had suddenly reached my door. As I fished my key from my pocket, jogging on the spot, I gave the door a 'high five'.

I skipped down the ginnel (yes, I am partial to a little skip when feeling happy) to my kitchen door the radio greeted me as I popped on the kettle. Eating breakfast and drinking my coffee (still with soggy feet) I felt very happy with myself. It was another target reached. And while week four does seem quite a leap from week three I'm hoping that my skips and leaps of joy (and a little self-satisfactory smugness for good measure) will see me through the next instalment... An extra cup of coffee might help as well.

(Oh yes, and my feet have just about thawed.)

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Fantastic :) great post and well done!! Glad your feet have thawed out ;)


Thank you; I have progressed from thawed to toasty now :)


Awesome blog, felt like I was with you the entire run :)

Great job :)


Thank you :) there will be more!


ha ha that was a great read.. well done!! :)


Thank you :) I'm looking forward to what happens on my next run.


I too have finished week 3 today but look at you. I did not feel like running anymore but i always find the last one of the week the hardest i don't know why. But i do know however i am ready to take on week 4 . So good luck for you but im sure you will find week 4 a breeze reading this.


Yay! It's a great feeling to get to the end of the week and know you've done it. I always find the first run of the week the hardest but 6.30am on a Monday morning might have something to do with that! All the best for your week four!


LOL, I'm not coming off well. didn't turn up, late, slow ;) perhaps i should write a blog too - perspective of the terminally slow?


Silly Sister. You enabled me to have a silly run yesterday where I met some lovely Coos, I got an extra ten minutes in bed this morning (without which I doubt I would have been so sprightly) and you have slowed me down which means I can address my duck-like footing and give my legs a workout rather than my poor pounding heart! :)


Great post. I'm about to do W3 R2 today, but had a very long break after W3 R1. I had a cold and than just didn't bother going back. It's great doing it, but i'm not great at motivating myself. I do a little run at the end too, but I think it's because I run so slowly. Good luck for next week.


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