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Week 4 is a shock to the system !!!!

Three minute run ok , I can do that so off we go. Made it through then a nice brisk walk.

Now the five minute run is upon me. Oh ya boy !!! Blowing out of my backside then the nice lady lady announced that we were half way through, I could have fainted there and then.

Wanted to give up so many times but I didn't want to let the forum and myself down do I carried on to the end much to my amazement. 3.58k covered but completely done in.

Loving it.

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So pleased to hear I'm not on my own. Week 4 is a whole new level, but a great feeling once you've done it.

Keep going!

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Great! Sounds like you've got plenty of inner strength and determination. You're half way through the programme this week! :-)


I know and I'm thrilled about that. I keep thinking that I will give up but somehow never do. Its a bit of a heads gone , well to me anyway, I've never ever done anything remotely like this.


Trust Laura 100%.... "You can do this".

Running is a mind-game. Getting tired during a run is your body telling you that it still has some energy left.

Some people are 'glass half empty' people. Some people are 'glass half full' people.

I'm a "The glass is full: 50% water and 50% air" kind of person.

When I think "I cannot continue running" I ask myself - what is the problem? Am I out of breath? No. Am I in excruciating pain? No. Is my heart-rate in a critical level? No. So I slow down a bit and continue running.

I am so pleased that you have the exhilaration of completing the run. "Loving it".

Keep running and keep posting - good luck!


I remember that first 5 minute run and how disincentivised I felt when Laura announced the half way mark. I felt quite cross with her and slowed to a walk for 90 secs! Took me till the third attempt to manage it, so well done to you for getting through the barrier on your first attempt. Training been a bit disrupted this week as husband not well but hoping to do my first 25 minute run at the end of the week - who'd have thought it.


I'm still on week 3, but it really annoys me when she chirps in half way through - I am usually feeling pretty pleased with myself that I haven't collapsed in a heap by that point, and then she goes and tells me I'm only half way. Some motivation is always nice, but it would be better if she wouldn't mention times!

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I've been known to remove the headphones in a strop at her

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Oh yeah, I remember the pain of that first 5 minute run. Like ' hope' I baled early on it but managed the next.

And you know what, from that point on it all got a little bit easier. Not easy by any means, but as Marky said, I gave myself a good talking to and that helped.

So now you can say to yourself that yes it's hard, but you have overcome and acheived - that's a very positive thing.

Good luck with the rest - you sound like a winner to me. Keep us posted.

:-) :-)


I remember that one. Actually, I think Week 4 was my favourite week. Partly because I misread the synopsis and thought I had to do three five-minute runs and two three-minute runs. When I got out there and found the three-minutes were walks, I was so relieved. And when I finished the third five-minute, I saw my husband in the distance walking the dog. And then this lovely tune cut in - something about a window and being free to fly - and the grin on my face must have been something else. Probably a good thing no-one else saw it, actually....


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