Laura, Billy, Anthony...and me!

Okay, I've got myself slightly back on track again, after lots of advice from you lovely people... and I headed on out into the sunshine... with a new plan...sort of!

A cold one again, this morning, minus 2.7... a frost on the cars and the grass, but the pavements absolutely clear! No rain yesterday!

I had to promise husband that if there was any sign of ice, black or otherwise, I would walk home sensibly. ( I have learned my lesson).

So, at just after 7.30, I headed out with a weird playlist, (I have an eclectic taste in music), and Laura, (she doesn't seem to mind what music I listen to).

No totally definitive running plan..just a route across and around the fields, I knew they would be frozen), and see how far I could get before I had to turn around for home. ( Funeral this morning). Stepping Stone, with variation, a bit of Speed and my music, should do it I thought.

I did a really brisk walk to warm up, it was chilly. Sky, a clear bright blue with just the faintest hint of high cloud layers, down to the village in time to get stuck by the barrier at the station crossing.

There is a passage that runs round from the station and back to the road, so I ran around there three times... delighting!!!! the waiting folk in the queuing cars, and surprising another runner, who was coming around the other way! She was younger than me, but we were going a similar pace, so either... she is slow, or I am faster than I thought I was... a conundrum!

The barrier opened and after a couple more runs up and down the pavement I was able to cross to head up the lane. I was, still, at this point listening to Laura and the Stepping Stone podcast...but, on the advice of one of you helpful folk..I upped my speed a bit...and, each time, ran a bit faster than the designated pace. It was fine. Up to the track way to the field, across to the steam railway line, over the track and across towards the far side of the big unploughed field leading to the gate and the lane, which takes me into the next village. Nothing sown in this field at all...last year it was the winter barley.. but the field lies fallow this year.

When I got a bit out of breath I slowed the pace to match Laura's instructions and just went through the podcast to the end of the run; changed to my music then and Billy Joel and I ran the rest of the way together. He enjoyed it. I am not sure what speed I was running at...but it felt comfortable and not too slow. The track way through the field is flattish and fairly even and with the crisp frost, running was not unpleasant. Startled a large bird from a clump of bushes... frightened me too, as I was well away with, It's still rock and roll to me, and made the gateway before the end of Piano Man.

I realised at this point, I needed to run back for home... shower, breakfast and proper clothes...

So turned, down the field by the hedge and along by the brook. Bushes beginning to glisten now, as the warmth of the early sun reached the tips of their frosty fingered branches...

Because I had no real plan, I did not feel any pressure at all.. just running at an easy pace, relaxed and with no laboured breathing... all a bit disorganised I suppose, but I was, quite, enjoying the novelty now of running free, ( sounds like a film!) I reached the dip between two big fields and jumped a muddy bit.. yes jumped, and then had a brief stop to fiddle with my iPhone to get Laura and the end of the Speed podcast on. ( I will get this sorted properly).

Back along the still frozen track way, off the field and along the pitted, potholed, ( all the filling in yellow sand has, yet again disappeared..mystery), track road, then down the hill, just in time to get caught by another train! Running up and down the pavement on the other side of the track again now, but no queuing cars in this lane this morning... just the rooks in the wood, cackling in a derisive way at my antics.

Across the main road, I turned Laura off, and had a brisk walk-down, home, listening to Anthony Way and one of my favourites, Panis Angelicus; relaxing and soothing, fitting for the morning ahead and easing me into a calm frame of mind.

Not the most organised of runs,not the longest,( about three and a half miles covered in total), and not the most fluid maybe, but I have made a start, (Laura was not there all the time!)

A new page in the Oldfloss journal! :)


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15 Replies

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  • Another great post Floss but you do realise I can't get Piano Man out of my head now!!! πŸ˜†

  • Thanks... and that's no bad's a great song! :)

  • Lovely Floss, get you jumping and speeding up too! I'm not sure you're really a grey snail anymore, more of a pouncing cheetah in the wilds of Staffordshire ;) Three and a half miles is not too shabby either, think these 'fly by the seat of your pants' runs suit you :) x

  • Think you may be right... I am going to do a run, when the day is set fair, and see just how far I get..then husband will come and pick me up....

    Who know where I may finish up :)

  • Wow what a descriptive post.....feel like I have run it with you!

  • Thanks... I love taking you all with keeps me going! :)

    You will be graduation too soon... watching your progress!!!! :)

  • Fab! You're definitely an Uptown Girl Lady floss 😊

  • Tee hee..not sure on that.. I think I'm more the 'never gives in..just changes her mind' kind of girl!

    My new running plans will be interesting!!!!!

  • You've got me wishing I had got up for an early run floss! I usually go in the evenings but that sounds lovely. Well done on going with the flow!😊

  • Gorgeous floss. I really enjoyed that run with you! Where I lived before there was a level crossing on my route and I used to spend ages beforehand working out the best time to run to avoid stopping. It rarely worked out and I invariably spent ages waiting for the train to pass! Enjoy all your future running. x

  • Woe. What a fabulous, inspirational post Oldfloss... well done on what sounds a joyous start to a day which will involve a certain amount of sorrow for you as well, by the sound of it.

    I have totally lost my mojo including running, I will today go out, I promise myself, after reading your post! I did go for a longer walk with my old dogs as the sun crept over the frosty horizon this morning- utterly beautiful windless and magical :)

  • Lovely post floss. Just reading it before I go and get my kit on for my early afternoon run. Stepping stones part 2. :)

    Get you, leaping around and doing more than Laura asks for... I knew you were secretly a teenager after all. :) :) :)

    Do hope the funeral went well. xx

  • Hope you had/have a great run...:)

    When the sun is out.. I do feel a lot younger! I am going to head out tomorrow for a run without Laura!!!! Brave eh?

    I read hilbean's post this morning, (If you get chance, you should read it, she writes so eloquently and evocatively), it inspired me to just go for a run with myself!

    Will watch out for your post :)

  • Thank you floss. Just got back from Stepping stones part 2.

    Dare I say it.... it didn't feel as tough as the first time. :)

    I actually enjoyed it. 1,2,3,4 1,2,3 4 and love having Laura with me.

    I scored a faster speed as well somehow.. same route... but avg speed 9.38 I think. I think having done it once I was more confident and ran more freely ( a bit like cycling a looking forward to doing it again probably on Saturday.

    Have a good one tomorrow,

    I will find hillbeans post and have a look.

    A lot of my posts are a bit rushed cos my hubby throws me a despairing look and says 'are you on that thing again you're like a teenager'. Haha he doesn't get it as his running shoes havent been out of the box since Jan 4. :( :)

  • Go you....! Well done..!

    Your hubby is only jealous.. wishes it was him... with running buddies...:)

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