Never ask your husband for his opinion on your running technique!

Went to the gym Sunday for my week 8 run 2, my husband was on the cross trainer behind me, then pumping weights (well, sort of) to my side. I did my 25 min run and was feeling pretty pleased with myself. I said to my husband "how did I look, do you think my technique is getting better?" should have known better than to ask!

The reply was "Well, love, I think you ought to consider a sports bra, because i thought to myself, that can't be doing her any good"!!!!! well, my face was already beetroot red so I couldn't blush any more, so much for my comments earlier that I didn't think I needed one! Don't you just love it when they answer the question! He didn't mention my running style (!) so perhaps he was a little distracted! needless to say, I had an unexpected shopping trip to m and s today!


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15 Replies

  • God aren't men great!!! ;-)

  • Husbands are always full of 'helpful' comments!! 'sigh' :-l

  • Yep, they'll always tell it straight, (couldn't be without my sports bra and I'm def not a big girl!!)

  • That made me laugh! Mine would comment about my bum wobbling or something.....

  • Oh my dear!!! Take a look at this wot I posted a mere couple of weeks ago:

    (and note the VERY helpful comments too!!). I have decided to heed the advice not to EVER ask his opinion again!

    But I sooooooo feel your pain :-(

  • Oh dear! Good job we had the recent post about sports bras so that you knew where to go :)

    Hope your M and S purchase does the job? You obviously have bigger 'assets' than you thought :)

    Ps did you get a racer back one???

  • Yes I did, but I got a fit of giggles trying it on thinking about your unfortunate incident and the lady came and asked if everything was ok! I tried it out at zumba and no one fell about laughing so it must work!

  • Yeh - husbands, the day they sign the marriage register they get fitted with the foot-in-mouth-when-talking-to-wife chip.

    But hang on a second you missed a trick there, you could mention the sight of his lunch-box on the cross trainer put you in the mind of a gherkin and cherry tomato salad for tea?? Just a thought!!!

  • Ha ha, very funny! Will try that if he dares say anything next time!

  • That made me laugh. Does that mean he thought your technique was really good apart from lack of supportive clothing? :)

  • I was so gobsmacked I didn't ask him about my running technique! Not going to ask him again I think!

  • :-)

    this made me smile!!

  • Awesome!!! Just shows what he looks at at the gym!!!!:)

  • Went in my own yesterday, sports bra firmly in place! !!

  • Ha ha! Well done :)

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