Running for those on the IC

Today was a scheduled running day and the plan was a long run. I've been pretty good since graduation and stuck to 3 runs a week of minimum half an hour, and preferably 5 k. But my times have been getting worse and last week I was pretty tired. This woke the gremlins up with a vengeance - "See, we told you you can't do it" they gloated "you're burning out and exhausting yourself" a particularly ugly one hissed in my ear. "You've had to walk during the last THREE runs" another one shrieked with delight "we TOLD you". Well I ran non stop on my Thursday run just to shut that gremlin up. But the tired bit is valid. So this time I decided to dig out my heart rate monitor and run within my "prescribed" range. When I started losing weight my GP offered a test to determine my best fat-burning range. It was utterly demoralizing as basically I was so unfit I could only walk slower than old ladies (sorry any old ladies reading this - I don't mean anyone on this forum, you're all superfit!). 6 months later I was allowed to go up to 135 bpm and I can jog at that, so I used that as a basis. I'm probably even fitter now and if I kept around that level I wouldn't do myself any harm. 

The run was dedicated to Oldfloss for her inspirational posts and anyone else on the IC! It was a gorgeous day and I was far too warm, but I need my jacket pockets for my phone and keys. Will have to find a solution to that problem, because a jacket is superfluous at the moment. My last run around the bendy trees was now too short for what I intended, but there are all sorts of extra paths and routes I can take up there so I headed off across the fields up towards the woods that lead to the little town of Schleissheim north of Munich. Instead of heading right to the bendy trees I went left between the 2 strawberry fields and then ran alongside the railway, parallel to the woods. At the crossroads it was off into the woods. The path was rather boring, just a straight route - it seemed to go on for ages. I prefer bends and a bit more variety. Lots of cyclists, dog walkers and the odd runner. Older people sitting on benches enjoying the sun. Nobody looked pityingly at me and my pulse was still OK. Just. I told myself once I'd gone out of range 3x I would walk a bit. This happened at about the 5 k mark, but I kept going because I was feeling fine. Heading back now, I'd done a big loop and was now back on the route I took last week, past the allotments, back among the bendy trees and the same way back across the fields. I stopped to walk once and brought my pulse down, but after that I didn't care because my time was so awful and I just wanted to get home without making it even worse!

I ran 8 k and it took me over an hour to do it. I enjoyed the first 4 k immensely, trotting along in the sun, feeling good, breathing easy, legs strong. The last 1.5 k were a bit of a struggle and probably unnecessary! But my pulse didn't shoot off the scale which was the main thing and the point of the run.  And 8 k is a long way!

Get better soon all you people with lurgies and injuries!


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8 Replies

  • Those gremlins can be pesky little beggars but you over came them :)

    Sounds like  You had a good run Jay :) time is irrelevant 8k is good good distance and a walk break is perfectly ok to do :) 

    Well done you :D 

  • Hi there, wow, 8k that's absolutely brilliant, very well done to you! Great to hear how you're progressing since graduation. How was France? Hope you had a lovely holiday, I've been off the forum for a while now so just trying to catch up with everyone's news. X

  • Ooh, don't get me talking about France! It would be another huge post! Loved it and ran 3 times, once in vineyards, once along a canal with my sisters dog (sister was walking way behind us) and once staggering around the hills alone with sisters dog for company. Loved that run, fell over twice and ended up doing 6 k of walk, trot, run following a very excited dog who couldn't believe her luck in being able to choose where she wanted to go. Too much food and drink of course. But good company and good weather. Also managed to impress all with my casual "I ran 5k this morning". Produced stunned silence and then an incredulous "blimey" from my little sister! Was definitely worth slipping and sliding in the mud on my first run there. All in all lots of good new running experiences. How are you doing - still out there I hope!

  • Sounds stunning, and a great time with family to boot. Glad they were suitably impressed with your newfound running abilities, they should be, you're doing really, really great Jay X 

  • Lovely, lovely post...thank you :)

    I was there with you, no bendy trees, but strawberry fields today. I was definitely there in spirit... I think the body would not have managed!

    The run sounds wonderful, sunshine and a good steady pace.. well done you..

    You need to be sensible and take care of you....because, as you say 8K is a looooooong way.

    Brilliant x

  • I know, that's why I ran with an HRM. I really need to start doing shorter ones and try and get faster - but long runs are so tempting at the weekend.

  • Well done on your run. 8k is indeed a long way. That's 5 miles in old money. How are your legs feeling today?

  • Actually fine. I'm amazed, I feel nothing! I think it was because I stayed in range on my HRM. Made me very slow, but it obviously works!  Out on my bike today - will take my HRM again, as the last trip knackered me for days. 

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