In The Interests Of A Better Running Experience, What I On Your Playlist?

I ask this because My list is cobbled together from stuff already on my trusty IPod classic. I am reasonably happy with it, but it could be improved, which will mean buying stuff on iTunes and using the phone, so am open to ideas from you good folks. At he moment it goes like this:Adele : Rolling in the Deep; Free: Wishing Well (love it, but not sure for running); The Jacksons : Can You Feel It (perfect); The Proclaimers: I'm Gonna Be; The Boss: Badlands (also perfect); Pointer Sisters: Jump (For My Love); Boomtown Rats : I Don't Like Mondays ( good but Rat Trap better, I suspect); Gerry Fafferty: Baker Street ( this was supposed to be for when I was in that mellow, in the zone part of the run. It hasn't happened yet, but I live in hope); Then some techie idiot has added the Jacksons again, but it is probably the most aposite song on here so......; Osibisa: Sunshine Day; Tom Robinson Band: 2,4,6,8 motorway; Roxy Music: Virginia Plain;The Jacksons: I want You Back. By the way, have never actually got all the way through this list yet! Any ideas gratefully received!


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  • I like listening to Royal Blood when I'm running good rhythm and seems to keep me moving when I start to flag x

  • Ok, new to me. Is prob evident that I am basically a seventies girl, but will look it up. Thanks!

  • Ha! I made my first list today - you have some good ones there :-) Free are my all time favourite band - takes me right back in time :-) Here's my first attempt....

    Bad moon rising - CC revival

    Pump it up - Elvis Costello

    Born to run - cos you have to :-)

    Eye of the tiger - timed to the last 5 minutes of run to pep me up

    Uptown funk - Mark Ronson

    Brown sugar - Stones

    Money for nothing - Dire Straights

    And for the warm up and warn downs Second hand news and You make loving fun - Fleetwood Mac

    Haven't run to them yet!

  • Oh, you are so on my wave length. And yes, I do have Dire Straights on the IPod, so there's a shoe in. Thanks!

  • Still listening to Laura & whatever music goes with that but at the end I usually have a few minutes walk left & am enjoying Rhianna - Disturbia & Bodyrockers - I like the way you move. Struggling not to sing along :-D Also wondered about some T Rex/Marc Bolan. Happy running.

  • Yea, am teenager of the seventies, so T Rex hits the spot for me. Thank you!

  • Love Marc Bolan

  • I don't have it on my playlist, but I reckon 'I Love to Boogie' could be a good song to run to. Lifted straight from the T-Rex boogie category is Gsldfrapp's 'Strict Machine'. Now that is on my running playlist.

    I've not yet run to this, but Kongos 'Come with me now' just got added...

  • I have I love to boogie on my playlist. Makes we want to bounce a bit but I love it😱

  • Duffy- Warwick Avenue, T.Rex- get it on, Seal-Tinsel Town. Duffy-Mercy. Prince- when doves cry. The Drifters- Saturday night at the movies. Bob Marley & the Whailers - Three little birds and Stir it up. Mungo Jerry - In the Summertimes

  • Love them all. Thank you!

  • Ooh yes, must add Three Little Birds. T-Rex is great to run to.

  • Being a ageing Rock chick anything by the Boss but mostly the upbeat tracks like Born to run ( cause you got to have it )

  • Yes, was just trying to avoid the obvious one, but gotta give in and include. You are correct!

  • And Badlands is very upbeat. Can see it being great for a Zumba class actually. iMHO!

  • I have got absolutely loads !! As long as its got a good beat I'm on it :-)

    I use a lot of the playlists from Spotify, if I haven't updated my own personal playlist for a while .

    " One Way or Another " by One Direction is surprisingly really good to run to, I find it really motivating ! :-D xxx

  • Oh, an unexpected one there, Poppy P. Tho am faithful to the original Bondie one in my heart! Thanks!

  • Crikey - when I read 'One Way or Another' and 'One Direction' it never occurred to me it would be a Blondie cover. Sorry, poppypug I'm not sure I'm ready for that.

  • It is really good to run to surprisingly ! They mix a version of " Teenage Kicks " by the Undertones in with it too .

    I like it ! :-) xxx

  • OMG I think that's to much to comprehend at the moment!! I may look into it tomorrow. I must admit - but if you tell anyone I'll have to shred you - they have done on or two things I quite liked. Time to put some playlists together - might as well put my time on the i.c. to good use!!

  • I wont tell a soul polly I promise, my word is my bond :-) xxx

  • That sounds like one for me to add - am not going to tell Nyine about it though!

  • I am well known for my love of cheesy music, Sue ! :-D xxx

  • Nothing wrong with a bit of cheese. I reference "Born to Be Alive"!

  • Ha ha , I see your " Born to be Alive " and I raise you " Lets get Ready to Rhumble " by Ant and Dec ( that is at the top of my playlist ! ) :-D xxx

  • Well, I have to confess that I will have to go to Mr Google for that one. Obviously not up with the latest banging choons!

  • Another vote for T-Rex, I Love To Boogie and Ride A White Swan are perfect rhythm for me.

  • Absolutely!

  • just looked up my play-list and its in no particular order.

    I'll work for your love, Jungleland, Leap of Faith, Mans job, One step up, Radio Nowhere, Tougher than the rest, Waitin on a sunny day, No surrender, Born to run

    Lori Chacko Once bitten twice shy, Garbage When I grow up.

    Stevi Nicks leather and Lace, stop dragging my heart around

  • These are all ones I need to look up. Thank you. I don't particularly want to be absolutely stuck in my 70s/80s vibe!

  • Morning Sue BBC 6 Radio are doing something about music to run during the Olympics on the Mark Lamacq show have had a listen yet there are some tracks on there

  • Oh, will definitely look that up!

  • Madonna always keeps me going but I'm also a bit of a Rod Stewart fan and one his new ones "beautiful morning" is a really good beat for me. Got me up the hill on Saturday too πŸ˜€

  • I download Annie Mac and Pete Tong on the iplayer app... Keeps it fresh and it's fun listening to the shows...

  • Yep, radio downloads would work for me too. Thanks!

  • I have so much, I don't know where to start. I have an upbeat gospel p,aylist with songs like Jesus dropped the charges, Better than life, I am not forgotten, Until I found the Lord, We have overcome, etc. A lot of it from Israel and the New Breed.

    Have a really long disco playlist because a disco beat is often great for running. My time is more the 80s but I have absolutely tons of disco - Good times, Kung Fu fighting, Don't stop till you get enough, Rock the boat,Jive talking, You should be dancing, Hooked on a feeling, You make me feel like dancing, Dancing in the city, My sweet Lord (dunno why this is there), The hustle, It's raining men, Long train running, Jump, Car wash, Living in America, Haven't stopped dancing, Born to be alive, Pull up to the bumper, Night fever, I feel love, Young hearts run free, Shame, Boogie wonderland, Let's groove, Love train, Used to be my girl, Disco inferno, Le freak, The witch queen of New Orleans, That's the way I like it, Play that funky music, Heaven must be missing an angel, He's the greatest dancer, Stomp, Brown girl in the ring, You make efeel like dancing and a lot more.

    Also like some 50s and 60s songs like Rave on, Proud Mary, Cool Jerk.

    Today I ran to The Boys of Belfast which was great. Mind you I even run to old English folksongs or Italian arias. Thank goodness for music!

  • I salute your eclectic taste!

  • That's brought some memories back! Thank you :-)

  • I confess that my graduation gift to myself (besides the t shirt) was '101 Running Songs'. Life is too short for making playlists, I'd rather be running.

  • I'm like you saw that cd what is your opinion of it as I was thinking of getting it

  • There may be more than one but I do like it. It's not necessarily the kind of music I would listen to generally but I like rather irregular rhythms for pure enjoyment which don't tend to serve running all that well.

    I run a bit faster when I use it, that I can tell you! (The opposite of Gardener's Question Time which I also like to listen to when running)

    You are more aware of time passing if you have a series of 3 minute or so tracks, so for longer distances I much prefer a spoken word podcast. And I am also very fond of birdsong and the wind in the trees.

  • Thanks I will investigate further

  • MM., my daughter also likes podcasts. I agree with your point about shorter tracks. I tend to think, ok if I'm on this song, I've done X minutes. Partly why I keep changing the list.

  • Mine is slightly(!) random!!!

    Trex, slade, anything else glam....having a sister 16 years older shaped my "taste". Showaddywaddy - growing up in Leicester in the 70s. Pink - cos she's cute πŸ˜‰ And Fairport Convention - cos they paid the bills for so many years....

  • Interesting. Am intrigued by the Fairport C bit. And Slade, yes. My first ever concert at Manchester Free Trade Hall. Ah, the memories!

  • FC - worked at Cropredy for 16years. Was a director/owner/dogsbody of the company that supplies all the site services - generators, water, lighting etc for 8 of those.

    Sold merchandise on the Winter Tour for 8 years - hence having everything they made.

    Great times. Circumstances changed. Get the summer off now πŸ‘

    ETA Not sure it's great for running - but it's free 😜

  • My playlist is: breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out, breath in + singing bird, breath out + barking dog... XP

  • Yes, au naturel seems to be favoured by many experienced runners. It was certainly how my Dad used to do it. I take note!

  • The tracks I like to listen to on my playlist are;

    1. Destination Unknown

    2. Flesh for Fantasy - Billy Idol

    3. Dance Commander - Electric Six

    4. The Start of Something Beautiful - Porcupine Tree

    5. The Closest I've Come - Earthside

    6. Beautyproof - Madrugada

    7. A head with Wings - Morphine

    8. But Anyway - Blues Traveler

    9. Walkin' On the Sun - Smash Mouth

    10. The Kids Aren't Alright - The Offspring

  • I used amazon prime and made my own playlist up from that.

    I love dance music and usually shuffle:

    Happy, Pharell williams

    Mambo no5, Lou Bega

    Smooth, -santana,

    You can call me Al, paul simon

    Chain reaction, diana ross

    Pencil full of lead-Paulo Nutini

    Poker face-lady gaga (bit of a favourite)

    I saw her standing there -beatles

    Sweet dreams-Eurythmics

    Rock the casbah - th clash

    Tainted love -soft cell

    Right on time- Black box

    Love Dire straits, Feetwood mac. ELO and will now be adding some T rex....:-)

  • Ahhh! All great. The Lou Bega always makes me smile as it reminds me of a scene from the Royle Family but I want all these songs. Thanks Janners!

  • Not a suggestion but: Badlands - always perfect!

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