Couch to 5K

Only one week remaining... so why do I still not feel like a runner?!?!

I completed week 8 last evening and, as with every run I've done since the end of week 6, it was hard, I struggled, and I wanted to give up all the way round. I never seem to reach that 'zone' that proper runners talk about! I have a consistent pace but I don't ever feel like I'm into it.

Also - I'm not getting the buzz anymore like I did in the early weeks. Why? I think I'm being a bit hard on myself and expecting miracles, but I did hope I might actually enjoy running by now, or at least not find it so hard!

Anyone else feeling the same??

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Hey dont give up you have come so far ... I found week 8 was the hardest and then into week 9 run 2 it just flowed and felt so easy, it might be your fitness levels adjusting . Complete the course it is such an achievement that you have done so far. Do you run outside? maybe a change of course is what you need. finishing week 9 is such a buzz you will soon feel how easy it all has been and so well worth it.


Hi runningmummy - I've just finished week 8 run 1 this morning. I too have found it hard over the last few weeks, I didn't enjoy week six or seven at all. However, this morning's run was great!!

Initially struggled to get up this morning, had a bad case of Monday Morningitis. Normally I run before the family gets up, and then I'm set for the rest of the day, just couldn't face it this morning tho so did it when I got back from taking the kids to school. I felt really good afterwards, still hard work, but well worth the effort!! I've also found that using my own music has helped A LOT!! Although Laura is really motivational, the music in the podcasts was driving me crazy! Anyway, don't give up, we all have bad weeks/runs and I'm sure that buzz will return when you graduate next week!! X


Hi runningmummy

You ARE a runner!

I graduated last week and like maddykins found week 8 hard.

Week 9 run 1 was too but now it's all clicking (not my knees!).

I think we all get the buzz at different times.

Keep going and finish the program. It will all come good.:)


Hi, I am due to do week 7 run 3 tomorrow and just like you I am not really enjoying it the past three runs but up to then I was loving it. The last run was a little better but I was just saying to a colleague this evening that although I can run25 mins I am not looking forward to running. I think if I did not have a sponsored 5 k in less than 3 weeks I might be thinking about giving up which would be such a shame to come so far. I think we both just need to stick with it. You will get your graduate badge next week , maybe you will feel better then. Good luck :)


Don't be too hard on yourself - you've done so well to get this far and there isn't much longer to go before you graduate! The later weeks ARE hard - but you can do it. I've just graduated and I'm hoping it will get easier with time - running 30 minutes is still tough and I want to be able to run further and for longer but I'll just have to keep chipping away at it. Don't give up! :-)


Thank you all - it's good to hear other people's stories of C25k. I think part of the problem is my routes - because the runs are longer, I'm struggling to work out where to run that doesn't have me going round in circles. It's things like that that really play with my mind, so, I have plotted two 5k runs round the lanes today, and am looking forward to doing one of them tomorrow eve. It's a nice loop, a bit of new ground, and a good length so hopefully I'll feel like I've achieved something if I complete that one!

Thanks again - and good luck to you all!



Runningmummy, let us know how that new route works out for you. I too run in circles and am feeling the same. I thought by week 8 it would be getting easier. Maybe I need my own music or a different path.I've come this far, I am not giving up.


Hi handstand - I'm hoping to do the new route tonight, although it does involve running on the main road for about a mile - might make me run faster!

I'm also considering leaving Laura behind (awful I know) as I think I need better music to inspire me.

Will let you know how I get on - as you say, we've come this far - not giving up now!!!


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