Starting to feel like a proper runner !

Week 7 run 3 tommorow and finally starting to feel like I'm not just playing at it. Still spending the first 5 minutes of a run thinking what the hell am I doing. But once I get into the groove it feels like the best place in the world. Trying not to focus on times and just enjoy it. Any tips on how to stiffle a competitive personality?or is it helpful?

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  • Competitive personality....? Only one thing for it....Parkrun ! You can try and beat yourself or random members of the public every week....

  • You are so right,I'm going to give it a go. Time to get out of my comfort zone.

  • Competitive is good Emma. Ive done wk8r1 today and shaved 22 secs off my 5k time. So it would seem we have things in common :). Keep up the good work we will soon be there J

  • Fear of failure makes me a plodder but I'm going to sign up for a 5k. Because I know how great it will feel to take part.

    Now setting of to do week 7 run 3 and couldn't have a better day for it. Hope the sun is shining wherever you are !

  • Why would you want to stifle it? I wish I was a bit more competitive! If that's you, go with it!

    And yes, you are a proper runner xx

  • I guess it's an upbringing of 'Modesty is a virtue' but damn it 'He who dares wins' thanks for the feedback. :-)

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