No ambitions to be a long-distance runner

This is a great place to share your running achievements and aspirations. I love it because everyone here has started from the couch, so all achievements, however small they seem, are celebrated as achievements. I keep reading about people who, having completed the Couch to 5K programme are itching to move on to 10K and have ambitions to run longer and longer distances. And I'm very pleased for them but, I have to say, I do not share their ambition. I have no desire to work up to running a marathon, a half-marathon, or even a 10K. (I did a 10K once, on not enough training and couldn't walk afterwards). What I do want to do, though, is run for 30 mins 3 times a week and to improve my speed and stamina so that I can do a sub-30 min 5K. I don't think I'm ever going to love running - my tight calves see to that, I think - but I'm not finding it too painful anymore. Two more runs to go on this programme. I'm hoping that there will soon be more podcasts that help me improve my speed and, therefore, my distance. I can honestly say that I would not be able to run for 30 minutes straight had it not been for these podcasts. And all the encouragement that I've received since I started blogging here has helped too.

I've prepaid the booking fee for next year's Race for Life and I want to be qualified to start at the front of it! Now there's something to work towards!


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11 Replies

  • Well done for you entering the Race for Life - forward motivation. Nearly a graduate - enjoy!

  • It would be nice to get those tight calves sorted :-) I started out wanting to build distance, but a year on I have been sticking to shorter distances and my body has been happier for it.

  • It would certainly be nice to get my tight calves sorted. I can't remember not having tight calves to be honest and it really restricts the amount of movement I have in my ankles.

  • When I first graduated I too wanted to go further and further, but have now decided on building up pace, and after that, distance.

    I have also found running faster roots out even more muscles I didn't know I had !

    Good luck on graduating and on future endeavours :)

  • Well the physio I went to about my knee said I wasn't really built for distance running but was more of a sprinter. So if I can sprint 5K... ;-)

  • I still feel as if I'm on a seesaw, when I read how someone has gone on to do 9 Miles (CaroleC) I get the urge to try and train for 10K. Then I start thinking, "Why" I'm content with trying to reduce my time for 5K. I've already knocked over 3 minutes off my original PB and hope to get it faster in the next few months. But I'm not worrying either way, I'm just enjoying the fact that I can open my front door and trot off down the road on nimble feet. Now thats something I couldn't do this time last year, so that has to be many steps in the right direction.:)

  • There are some people who were born to run marathons. I know I'm not one of them. I am pretty happy that I can run a 5K without stopping. And I know it's the same distance however fast you run it, but it will seem shorter when I can do it in less time! That's my aim.

  • I feel the same - my brother, who has run half marathons and a marathon says this is how it starts - but my ambition from the outset was to be able to run for 30 mins without keeling over, and from then to build speed and stamina and maybe introduce a few (whisper the word) hills! I just want regular 30 minute slots of exercise built into my life and will be more than happy with that as an outcome as I was definitely queen couch of the couch people before I started. And I have the calf thing too.. but think they are recovering quicker than they did at first..

  • You can see on here how some people get hooked and sort of sucked in to seeing if they can go further and further. I'm happy to be able to run for 30 mins without stopping. My ambition once I've graduated (on Friday!!) is to get to a stage where I can deserve to start at the front of the Race For Life next year!

  • Well if you don't fancy it there 's no reason to. The worst thing is to spoil something you enjoy by overdoing it, especially if you overdo it because you think you should rather than because you want it.

    Though it is a slippery slope :-D

    Keep enjoying it, that's the only consideration.

  • I am so with you!! I am sure I would get bored of anything over 30minutes. But being able to run faster and therefore further seems so appealing to me. Maybe there are just 2 types of runner!

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