Broke the 5K/30 min barrier

I managed to do my first under-30-minute 5K this morning, as well as a few other PBs (stat's fans see below)

I did the Speed podcast (for the 4th or 5th time), then carried on at my normal pace (which seems to be 155-ish) after the last interval. Then when I heard Robo-Laura intone my 3 mile time as 28:49 I ran hell for leather for the remaining 1:11 and I did it, knocking over a minute off my previous time.

Stamina next then I'm going to have another crack at a 10K river run on Sunday, but this time keeping the big watery thing to my immediate left.

According to Endomondo:

Cooper (12 min) 2.14 km

1 km 5m:32s

1 mile 8m:59s

3 miles 28m:49s

5 km 29m:45s

No knees or cows were harmed in this run.


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14 Replies

  • Woo-hoo, good for you! That's another biggie crossed off the list for you :-)

    Good luck with the 10K, I'm sidelined atm after falling upstairs and bashing knee so I'll just cheer you on. Here in Switzerland we all shout 'hop hop hop' on occasions like this to encourage people to ski/run faster so don't get confused - just keep running as normal :D

  • Ouch! I hope your knee gets better soon. How long are you having to rest?

  • Did a gentle 3K yesterday, not sure it wasn't a mistake... went fine while I was out and I could have done more, but by evening it was sore again. A bit better today so here's hoping. If I can't go out tomorrow I'll have to wait till Tuesday and I'm not a patient soul... :-(

  • I think total rest is best, but for a graduate 3K is practically putting your feet up!

    I was impatient with my knee and I got used to it being sore the day of and day after a run, but I ran if it was feeling tolerable on a planned run day and it is OK now. I guess I would of had total recovery quicker with more rest, but the rest of me couldn't wait and on the whole I'm glad I kept up the momentum.

  • Yes it was a nice restful run :-)

    I think I'll do the same - just keep to 3K as long as it's okayish. Any tips apart from the usual arnica and rice... sounds like an exotic takeaway, doesn't it? :-D

  • Yay! Well done you!

  • Well done on your sub 30 min 5k graduation! I am hoping to be able to do that myself one day :)

  • Thanks. I've been using the C25K+ podcasts Stamina and Speed, and longer weekend runs and all my stats are heading in the right direction.

  • That's my schedule as well. I'm only 2 weeks in so far but optimistic I will do it :)

  • Wow! That's fab!

  • Good for you! Brilliant to reach your first sub-30 minute 5 km run.

  • Congratulations to you! And thanks for showing us what can be done. I still have the 30 minute barrier to overcome - not far off but still unachieved. I'm glad to see the speed and stamina podcasts work for you. I wasn't sure how helpful they were but will go back to using them with a third long session a week. Well done again and for setting the example!

  • Thanks. Speed is my favourite podcast, 1day I'd like to try speed, a recovery run then speed again.

  • Gratz! Good effort

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