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What a week!

Its been an amazing 7 days. I did W5R3 on Wednesday, which was also my 49th birthday. It was the best birthday present I could get (well, the Garmin probably was a better present). I enjoyed the 20 minute run but i have found W6 1&2 quite hard though that seems pretty usual. To top the week off, on Friday doh finally got offered a new job, he was made redundant in January and has trying to find something ever since. We went up to town last night to celebrate and see a show but it was so awful we left at at the interval. My diet has been out the window most of this week which is not good, i will have to face the music on that one next Tuesday and we are probably going away next weekend so that will be another week with no weightloss.

I was out pounding the mean streets of Surrey this morning accompanied by my new best friend, Gary the Garmin. After only 2 runs together I am obessed by his stats already, all those lovely graphs :) :) :)

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Hey Mirella, Happy late Birthday! I did week 4 run 2 this morning bright and early and was very pleased with my progress. So glad about the job, great news. My partner was unemployed a few years ago and it was such a relief when he got a job.


Sounds like you had an amazing week with it being you birthday. And what a great present to get the Garmin. I've got my eye on this piece of technology or the polar. I'm not sure which one so it would be interesting to hear how you find using it. :)


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