What a plonker !, but a new personal best at park run

I did the park run today in 34.09 last week 35.00 so I'm definitely improving on them park run times . But that could have been a better time only by seconds but it's there , I only went & run by my turn off , busy looking at mi garmin ! Oh well still pleased I've got a new park run personal best . Also just want to say congratulations to my friend dianesaad for completing wk 5 r3 this morning . She has done great . Well done Diane I knew you could do it

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  • These things happen, Rockette. Still sounds like you had a great Park Run and a PB to boot. Congratulations and well done, Diane :)

  • Thanks paul

  • Well done on your run time and your continued improvement.

  • Thanks laure

  • Well done Rockette. A new PB what's not to like? Well done to your friend too :)

  • Thanks ancientmum

  • Well done on your new PB.

    Happy running

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  • Brilliant, well done Rockette, a PB! :-)

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  • Congratulations on your new PB!

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  • Congratulations on your fab PB! :-)

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  • Glad to hear you are running injury free! And your time is good! A little faster than me:)

  • Hey, way to go Rockette! You're going great guns now lass! Doh! Shame about the missed turn off but ne'er mind. You'll look out for it next time around.

  • Best thing is I walk the dog in that park most days ! I was last out of the 28 runners again , but was pipped at the post by a fourteen year old by just 12 secs , so not bad ehy

  • Lol I'm always bloody last!

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