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Hello all!

So yesterday I got driven to a mystery shop to choose a birthday present, because OH knew what he wanted to get me, but didn't know exactly which one I would want. And the mystery shop was- Argos.. So far, so disappointing, haha. But then the mystery present was.. A Garmin!! Hoorayyy!!!

As someone who will be graduating in the next couple of weeks, I was very very happy about this- I mentioned to him some time ago that I'd like one, but they're a bit pricey to indulge in for myself.

Anyway- the point of this post- I chose the FR10, as it seems to be the one most people start out with, and seems to have all of the tricks I want. But I was wondering, what is everyone's favourite trick that their Garmin does, or favourite feature, and why?

I want to get the best out of my new toy, and thought our collective hive-mind could come up with some gold!

Happy running, team :)

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Congratulations on your birthday and great choice of present.....I have the FR10 and find its really good I love the size of the numbers on screen I can read them without my reading glasses, I like its Run/Walk feature that you can set to bleep at you to remind you of your intervals and it has some really interesting info when you upload it to the connect website, it also gives you your mile splits on the watch without having to upload first which is handy


Brilliant, I didn't realise it would tell me about intervals! Fantastic. It's not my birthday till Thursday, so I'm not allowed it yet, apparently. I'm so excited for Friday's run! And that will be the final run of week 8, if all goes to plan, so I'll have my nice shiny new toy to guide me through graduating!


You lucky thing! You must be well chuffed. I just got one, a pink Forerunner 10, from Twonko's. The Garmin Connect website gives you hints and tips but I did have to ask some questions on here. You can find them if you look back as it was only a few weeks back.

I can't read the display very well but I can just about make out how far I've run, which is the most important bit for me. I've not used all its features yet but I think it's quite sophisticated if you use it to the full.


Tesco! LOL


Good luck with completing week 8 and have a lovely birthday. Best wishes.


You can set your pace & it beeps to tell you when you're ahead of time, behind time & then back on pace. You can set it to auto pause so that if you have to stop to cross the road, it stops too & resumes when you start moving again. If you put your weight in it tells you how many calories you've burnt. Don't let it drive you too hard. Make sure it knows who's boss.


This all sounds brilliant, thank you guys!! Yes, I'll try not to let it take over my life, but I am a sucker for stats, and not having to include my warm ups in my tracking will be great!

I'm so excited, even if yesterday's run was a shocker!! Thanks for all the birthday wishes again, folks.


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