Couch to 5K

Delayed by illness, now time to get going again!

I'd not run for almost 2 weeks due to a stupid lingery cold that wouldn't come on properly but also wouldn't pass quickly. I was a bit trepidatious before going out in case I failed miserably, but got started anyway. Should have been wk8r2, 28 minutes, so off I set. Started off really well, legs felt good from the break and I was breathing fine.. then disaster struck, the sun came out (not normally a bad thing I know) and I started getting hotter and hotter. In the end I managed 23 minutes and just over 2 miles before it became too much, started feeling a bit dizzy so figured it was time to walk again before i stacked it over the sea wall :).

All things considered, not too bad, I'll go through week 7 again I think and probably go back to evening running when its more my temperature. Got over that first run back and thats the main thing as I could so easily have stopped.

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Great effort from a 2 week break!


Well done for trying, it's so hard when you've been unwell and I know that feeling of wondering whether it's time yet or not. The frustration of wanting to get on and the body refusing to cooperate. You'll be great, you have a good strategy. Have fun!


A lot of runners are struggling with the heat. Repeating W7 sounds like a plan. So close to graduation now, well done getting this far and for getting back out there after a break.


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