Stridingedge rejoins the challenge, resuming where she left off over 2 weeks ago when sidelined by illness!

September 8th I ended up at A&E with a leg infection and was told to rest for a minimum of two weeks. I was absolutely gutted. I had just completed W8R2 and things were going well. From hardly being able to run for 30 seconds without seroius breathing problems, I was managing to complete 28 minutes still with 2 lungs intact.

Two week's rest is a long, long time when you are itching to get going again. Then the day comes when you are 'officially' allowed to resume things and what happens? You're too terrified to 'go for it'.

I'm ashamed to say its taken me 4 days to pluck up the courage to start running again!

I really couldn't decide whereabouts to start off again, restart W8? go back further ? Anyway in the end I let my body have the final say and I just started running. And I am SO chuffed, as I managed 28 minutes and so have effectively started up where I left off and have now run W8R3. So to anyone out there who has a bit of a set back, DON'T GIVE UP. Our bodies are amazing things and never cease to surprise us. Role on week 9!


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16 Replies

  • So glad you are better, and well done on that run!

  • Thank you very much Deryn61

  • Fantastic run and welcome back!! I love your decision to let your body decide which week to return on!! I would have been very worried about how to return, also! Great decision and great run!!

  • Thankyou. I just hope my body doesn't have different ideas next time!

  • Sorry to read about the infection but very happy to read your back running! Week 9, here you come!!!

  • Thankyou. Lovely photo by the way!

  • So glad to see you back. Just proves how much your fitness has improved that you can come back exactly where you left off! Well done!

  • Thank you. I guess I must be!

  • Ah stridingedge, so good to hear that your leg has recovered. Excellent that you have been able to start up again where you left off. Why ashamed?? You had a really nasty infection. Scared yes, but not ashamed. Yes, our bodies are remarkable things! I am now able to walk at the pace I was walking at when I smashed my arm end of April 2010. It was a shock at the time creeping along, then getting a bit of speed, but not walking fast, and no way could I run! You will soon be a Graduate!!!! I'm week 5 now-did run 2 this morning without any trouble. Still jogging, not running as such, although my little legs do seem to be moving fast when I look down at them (now looking straight ahead and at the scenery). getting psyched up for run 3 20 minutes run. Do what your body dictates stridingedge-be so good to see your post end of week 9. Well done!! Pat on the back from me :-)

  • Thank you so much. Very best wishes for the 20 minute run. Take care

  • You're very welcome. Had a lovely surprise yesterday. Went to buy some new trousers and tops-tracksuit type, and discovered I've gone down a size. I now weigh what i did at my daughters wedding in 2009-but still vastly overweight and a long way to go, but I'm moving in the right direction.

  • Congratulations! This running business has alsorts of benefts.

  • Congratulations! This running business has alsorts of benefts.

  • Congratulations! This running business has alsorts of benefts.

  • Congratulations! This running business has alsorts of benefts.

  • Congratulations! This running business has alsorts of benefts.

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