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Drag the family along....W7R3

Its amazing to think that today I did W7R3, wow, only 6 runs to go until Graduation day, seems only a little while ago I was uploading W1...oh wait, it was only a little while ago.

Completing a 25 minute run once felt good, doing it three time feels awesome.

Today we set out around 4pm, not my usual beloved pre-7am start. Had lots of company, Other half with baby in the pram, and two of the kids on their bikes, plus me running.

Managed my usual 2miles in the 25 minutes, worked out that my 12min mile is equivalent to around 7.7km per hour. That perked me up.

Although I was feeling hot, I was able to do well and still talked to the kids as they cycled backwards and forwards between me and the other half.

Its good to have all the family out doing something active.

Other half says he will buy some running leggings and a top, seems my Primark leggings are getting a little worse for wear now. Looking forward to being spoilt.

Onto W8....eeeekkkk, 28minutes straight.....actually yeah, why not. Bring it on :)

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:) You are doing so well... you can do 25 mins so you'll be fine with 28!!!!

Am in awe that you can do this with all the family with you and the distractions that brings....also your are faster than me! :) Good luck with w8


I agree with AliB1, I'm very impressed that you can do that and chat to the kids as well ! Well done :-)


You are simply brilliant, and your kids must be very proud if you.


Thanks guys, its the positive and supporting comments here that really help too.

Do think my kids think I'm slightly on the mad side though!


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