W7R3, watery eyes like a dog, brrr

W7R3, watery eyes like a dog, brrr

So, after finally getting past my gremlin at around the 18 minute mark (at a particular bus stop) the other week to fully qualify for W6R3 I have been attacking week 7. Runs 1 and 2 went really well and I was looking forward to run 3 this morning after the weekend.

I tried to leave it a little while before heading out as there was still a bit of ice on the car. I ventured out just after 9am and what a beautiful morning although still cold at 6Β°C. I made sure before I left that I had on my long sleeved top and a waterproof running jacket which seems to give me the right amount of protection from the cold without sweating to death in it halfway through a run. I also did some star jumps in the hallway quickly to make sure I was warmed up enough before opening that front door.

I started my warm up walk and then went into a run when Laura said to. I had only been running 1 minute when I felt my running belt loosen and drop to my hips (although still fastened) and then start bouncing on every step I took. I got annoyed with it so stopped, paused Laura, readjusted and then carried on having started Laura up again - much better. I should have readjusted my leggings at the same time as these felt like they were slipping down as well but I managed to pull them up a bit whilst still running. I got halfway and decided that that I really did need to pull my leggings up properly and readjust my running belt AGAIN. Once again Laura was stopped and I yanked everything back into place quickly and tightened the belt up really tight (this time it stayed where it should have been all along). I then resumed my run and Laura. It was only a few minutes later that I spotted this helicopter close to the adjoining path I run along the perimeter of the local airport and I thought you all might like to see it as well, so I once again paused Laura, took out my phone and snapped away briefly. I felt much happier on this final leg and managed to run back without anymore hiccups.

I've always had a problem in the cold with my eyes watering like a dog and today was no exception. Goodness knows what other people must think if they see me wipe away a tear - hopefully they get the impression that it's my grit and determination to get to the end that's making me cry!

I'm in two minds whether to repeat this run 3 but I think I will carry on to week 8 as I feel I can do the 28 minutes. In my defence I did complete the 25 minutes but it was disjointed. If I feel week 8 is too much I'll drop back and repeat. Onwards and upwards!

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  • Great photo! Great run, despite the hiccups, go for it! 😊

  • What beautiful sunshine!!! Lovely run write up, I felt like I was right there with you! Yes, carry on with week 8 and see how you get on, it sounds like you're ready for it. Enjoy. πŸ˜ƒ

  • Well done for keeping going despite the stop-start. I feel for you with the running eyes, my nose was dripping like a tap when I went out this morning ;)

    Go for it with week 8, like you said, if it's too much you can drop back but I think you will be just fine.

  • Never seen an air ambulance before!😱😁

  • Great run.. and eventful... glad the belt stayed up! And the leggings! Wow.. what a photo too...

    Carry on.. steady and slow...gird up your loins and your leggings and onward...:)

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