Failed at the final - so disappointed

Oh I am so disappointed :-(

I've just been out for my final week 9 run full of enthusiasm and excited to be finally graduating and I just couldn't do it!

My daughter and I had waited for the rain to pass before we went out and set off dodging the puddles but even though I was going really slowly I couldn't breath properly.

I've never found it easy to breath right while running and when I went out with Mr Locket on Thursday he pointed out at the end when we were running together that I was breathing very shortly so I really tried today to breath deeply but it didn't work.

Endomondo told me I had run my first mile in 12.44 minutes, then Laura said I had done 15 minutes and then I just stopped running and started walking. I hadn't planned it but I couldn't go on. I can't believe that the first time I have failed at a run was on my final run before graduating! Maybe I've just been lucky so far and not had a really bad run before.

I have been trying to work out what went wrong and there are a couple of factors that were different from when I normally run: I tend to run in the evening and this time I went out in the morning which may have had an effect and then I hadn't had much to drink before I set out so maybe I was dehydrated. Or maybe it is because I ran further on Thursday (33 minutes) and then went to the gym for quite a tough (for me) session later that evening. My legs were really tired yesterday at work but it wasn't my legs that let me down today - more my body and my breathing.

Anyway, that's enough of my moaning - I'm just very disappointed as I had been planning this to be my celebratory graduation post. I'll go again tomorrow and hopefully will have a much more positive outcome.


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20 Replies

  • Rest, rest and rest,give your body time to recharge the batteries. Anyway you haven't failed you've just delayed graduation:)

  • Thank you x

  • Oh I'm so sorry that you've had such a rough run! Its awful when that happens at any time, but on your graduation day its even worse. It sounds as though a lot of things were conspiring against you, but it may simply be that today was 'one of those days' and even if you'd gone out in the evening with normal hydration after resting totally for 48 hrs you still wouldn't have managed it - heck, even Paula Radcliffe has been known to collapse on a run!

    I do hope that you have a better experience tomorrow - no matter what you've kept this up for 9 long weeks and you are able to run for the time you set out to achieve, its just that today was a rubbish day for you. I'll be eagerly anticipating your celebratory blog :-)

  • Thanks so much - I feel a lot better after reading everyone's kind comments.

  • Sorry to hear that. Don't get disheartened, just dust yourself off and try again. Maybe take a rest day tomorrow instead so that you are fully recovered. There would be nothing worse than failing again tomorrow because you are not 100%. Chin up, I'm sure you'll make it next time.

  • Thank you x

  • You havent failed at all! You went out running this morning! A few weeks ago neither you or or would have dreamed of doing that!

    I used to be an evening runner and found running first thing a bit hard to start, mentally as much as anything.

    Now the evening before a morning run I ensure I drink more through the evening. I also take a bottle of water up to the bedroom when I go to bed so I can sip it whilst doing my ritual crossword before bed, and as soon as I wake.

    I either have tea or orange or apple juice (just a few mouthfuls)and a bite or two of a banana before I go out.

    And dont underestimate how a heavy cross training session can take it out of you when you are building up your running! You are doing brilliant and you will graduate next time!

  • I was definitely dehydrated as I had had wine last night and only a small espresso before I went out whereas normally I would have drunk pints of tea and probably some water too.

  • Really tough, but remember that any failure is all in your head - just the fact that you put on your shoes and went out at all makes you a success in my book!

    Although I can't say that I've ever completed a run with ease (now facing the start of week 6 - eeek!), the one time I REALLY struggled was the day after I'd moved to a different ashtanga yoga class which not only lasted half an hour longer but also was significantly harder than the one I'd taken part in earlier. The next day, my legs (and arms, and back, and everything else) was really aching but I was determined to do my final run of the week. The only reason I managed was because I wasn't all that far through the programme. A 30-minute run would have been utterly impossible!

    Your body does need time to recover. Tired muscles are far more prone to injury, as are the joints they are supposed to support. Look after yourself and make sure you give your body the rest it needs - not doing so could see you back at week 1 again!

    Also, if you've always found breathing properly difficult, perhaps this is what you should be concentrating on improving rather than the distance and time? I decided right from the start that my first goal would be get to the point where I could complete a 30-minute gentle jog. My next goal will be to improve my speed, but I will only do so once I've got my running technique right and can breathe easily throughout

  • I think one of the problems was actually thinking about how to breath - maybe I just need to puff along until I get fitter and stronger and better able to control my breathing. You are right that it is definitely something I need to work on though.

  • You didn't fail, you just had a bad run.

    Put it behind you and don't carry the thoughts of failure with you next time you run.

    You've done really well and will graduate soon. It's a massive achievement to get as far as you have and you have proved you can run 30 mins so chin up :)

  • Thank you - I think it was just such a shock to have a bad run on my "final" run when all the others had gone fairly well.

  • Sorry to hear that. But try not to let it get to you. Like everyone says, you've just delayed your graduation. Hopefully you'll be able to do it tomorrow - but if not, the next day. Just think how much you've achieved already - from a non-runner to being able to run 30 mins - it's great work. Good luck :-)

  • Thank you - you are right, it is still fairly unbelievable that I can run for 30 minutes without stopping - I NEVER thought I would be able to run at all!

  • What a shame - but you've not failed - anything but!! You will do it, go out in your normal routine another night and you'll do it no bother. Wait til Monday to give yourself time to recover from today and then don't think about today. Think about success and jsut run it five minutes at a time, even a minute at a time. Don't worry about distance etc, as Laura says its all about getting that 30 minutes, running at the pace that works for you. Big hugs!

  • Thanks so much for your encouragement. I haven't decided yet whether to try to go out tomorrow or wait til Monday. I think I'm worried that if I wait and then something comes up so I can't go out then I will lose my confidence which is already a bit battered after today's run. And I really miss the high of having a succesful run! I thought I was going to be floating on air for the rest of the day and instead I have been really flat.

  • You've not failed at all hun, just came across a rough run.

    You'll do it next time, just take it step by step, little by little and keep a steady slow pace if needed.

    You've come such a long way, no way are you a failure in my eyes.


  • Thank you! It has really knocked my confidence but everyone's lovely comments have made me feel so much better. x

  • Bad luck, it must be so frustrating at this point but as everyone says you have not failed. It's just a bad run, we all have them. Tomorrow is another day and I agree with your thoughts about the breathing, don't worry about the technique of breathing just breathe in whatever way you can. I'm weeks post graduate and ran today still struggling for the first 10 minutes or so and then it seemed to fall into place without even thinking about it. You know you can do it, you've done it twice already. There is plenty time for technique after you graduate. :)

  • Good luck for your final run. I too ran all the way to week 9 before I had a bad run, I was gutted but went out the next time and did it. I have not been happy with my breathing, I felt i was taking fast shallow breaths. However since using my own music I find I am listening to the words, not thinking about breathing and it seems to have found itself. If that makes sense LOL Keep up the good work

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