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Thigh pain stopped final run!

So I was all ready to do my final run before graduating. I was enjoying the rain and felt the best I ever have mentally and cardiovascularly. 20 mins into the run the niggling pain I thought was just due to longer runs got so bad had to stop running and limp home :( sad and disappointed doesn't come close.

Don't know how long to rest for or what to do really!! So desperately wanted to graduate this week.......... Sigh ........

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So sorry for you. Have you checked your trainers? The only suggestion I have is if it doesn't settle go to a Physio who should work out what's going on. Graduation will happen just not today. You were wise to listen to your body.

Big hug!


Thank you. Going to rest from running this week and do some stretching I've found on a sports injury website, I did a symptom sorter thing and it suggested what to do.

I will do it like you say just not this week. The hug was very much appreciated!


Would you please so kind and mention the sports injury website, that I can help myself? I am running /Walking with a sore hip or thigh, it's definitely the muscles which are suffering.- :-( flower-arranger


Flower-arranger I found it on sportsinjuryclinic.net not sure how reliable it is evidence based wise but it had all my symptoms spot on for rectus femoris inflammation!! Good luck hope you start to feel better soon. Rest from running and ibuprofen has made all the difference to me :)


So sorry to hear that you had to stop. I know that feeling so well - it's so disappointing! But, I think like me, you did the right thing & listened to your body. My big fear is that if I push myself too hard & ignore my body, I'll do some serious damage. Then you'll just be out of action through injury. Chin up, you can try again next time - PMA (positive mental attitude)!


Thanks Jana83 it feels better today already and I can walk normally on it. That was my worry and was 50/50 whether to turn back but thought I might do something serious and not be able to run for weeks - terrible thought.

PMA is back and in buckets!!!! Done an exercise tone and stretch DVD today at least it's something :)


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