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So So Disappointed !!!

Just started week 9 and the end was in sight for me this week, really looking forward to finishing. I was supposed to do W9R1 yesterday but couldn't so I set out to do it today. I did the five minute walk and then started to run, all was well for about 10 minutes although my lower calf felt a bit tight. The next thing I felt a 'pop' and something went and I couldn't continue with the pain.

I sort of limped back home and now I have a very sore calf, is this a pulled muscle or achilles tendon? How long will it take to get better? I would love to hear from anyone who had a similar experience.

It is really disappointing as I was getting on great up to this point. GRRRR

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i have bot hurt my calf but can feel your disappointment, rest up then enjoy your last runs


Oh no! You need RICE - Rest Ice Compression Elevation. If you do all of these, it will help. I wouldn't run until the calf has completely stopped hurting. If in doubt, speak to your doctor, even just on the phone.


If you actually felt something POP I would strongly suggest a visit to the GP asap, if only to get yourself onto the physio waiting list asap.

A more experienced runner (multi marathonner) said to me that you have to leave time for it to heal properly, but that does not mean imobile. What happens is that scar tissue forms where ever the tear mends but this is less flexible than ordinary muscle also the muscle sheaths that muscles would normally move through smoothly can stick where they are inflamed which can feel like stiffness. Apparently a good sports physio can massage the damaged area (once its healed a bit) in a way that minimises the scarring and "sticking" to let the muscles work properly.

If you start running too soon the scar is a weak point where more tearing is likely to occur which leads to more scar tissue....

My calf went at w6 r3. I'm going back to running short intervals 3 min run 1 min walk to build up my calf again but doing more of them than in a podcast currently doing 10 x 3r1w with warm up and cool down. I've had 3 weeks off.

I've got experience of the massaging to increase mobility and sticking ... on my face (right jaw reconstructed) rather than my leg.


Thanks for the advice Tilly, I have an ice pack on it at the moment and will just have to rest up until its better.


Thanks KANdoit, i will look into that, I never thought that I would have need of a sports physio !!! i really want to get back on track but in a sensible way that doesn't do any more damage.


Oh no...very sorry to hear! I sprained my mcl during week 7 and had to take a few weeks off. After much needed rest, I started back at week 7 and eventually finished. Take care of yourself regardless of how much time you need. When you return pain-free, you'll finish out stronger. Good luck!


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