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Disappointed at the gym

It was far too windy and wet for my run after work tonight so I took the bull by the horns and went for an induction at the gym. I've been planning to do this for a while as I want to be able to just pop in and use the treadmill when it is too dark or weather is against me.

After having to try out all of the cardio machines I finally got to go on the treadmill and guess what - I hated it. Nothing like running outside and I only ran for 5 minutes. I will go back to the gym to complete my induction (resistance training next time) but I think I would have to be really desperate to replace the great outdoors for the treadmill.

I am disappointed as I feel I've missed out on a run tonight now even though I got a good workout at the gym!

Hubby is just going to have to accept that I shall be running in the dark around the footpaths of the village which are well lit wearing my high viz jacket:-0

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I joined a gym on a three month membership when we had a spell of bad weather last winter. Oh how I hated it! I just couldn't make the transition from running outdoors in the fresh air to the restrictive, air conditioned, artificial environment. I only went twice then ended up gifting the remaining term to my son.


When I first tried the treadmill (after doing the whole C25K programme outside) for my gait analysis, I hated it and wondered how people could run on them. The boredom was the main thing for me plus I had no idea what speed I should be setting for the belt.

I had joined a gym because its too dark to run when I get in from work, so I wanted to keep my fitness up and combine some cross training with weights and other equipment.

When I ran on the treadmill in the gym I only managed 3k because I was so bored.

I now run 3 times a week on the treadmill and find the best way of coping with it is to do intervals. I set the incline at 2. I jog at about 7.7 kph and run at 11 kph for 2 minutes each, for 25 minutes. I find this change in pace makes the time go faster and keeps me from slipping into a boredom coma :) There are lots of programmes in the treadmill which can change things up a bit instead of a run at a constant pace (this is where I found it difficult keep the boredom at bay).

I would still prefer to run outdoors but the treadmill is a necessary evil for these winter months.

Is there another area you can run indoors maybe? An indoor track at the gym?

Hope you find a solution!


The worse thing for me was that I get too hit on the treadmill.

But, I had to stop running for a month in the summer due to a foot injury. Instead of running I was using the crosstrainer, bike and rower, doing much more cardio than my 3 weekly runs. When I got back on the road I'd lost do much condition that I really struggled to get back in to it, so I reckon suffering the treadmill is a small price to pay if you don't want to run outside.


Thanks for your suggestion bjammin! I also hate running on the treadmill :-( - I feel like a hamster on a wheel to be honest, running but not getting anywhere!

I know they say you're not supposed to run everyday, but can you get away with treadmill running as it's a different impact on your ankles / knees?


Oryxx I tend not to run everyday as I don't want to risk an injury.

I do use the crosstrainer and cycle on my rest days though (as well as weights). The bike exercises the muscles in your legs in a different way to running and its low impact so a good rest day exercise.

I do sometimes have days when I've had a really good run so am tempted to run again the following day. For those times I usually imagine being injured and what it would feel like to not be able to run for a week. That stops the temptation in its tracks ;)

I personally am happy with running 3-4 times a week with my 'rest days' being filled with cycling, weights and cross-training.

Good luck


I have just completed the whole c25 programme on the treadmill.Necessary as I would have to run in traffic which is not good for you're health.As I am a 62 year old woman starting out I feel it is better on my joints?Yes you don't go anywhere and it can be boring although I watch TV at the same time?We have a small gym in our apartment complex.my life has changed with the c25k and without the treadmill I couldn't have done it.You should still have a one day break between the runs.Good luck


I agree with you i had to use the hotel gym when away on business in Hong Kong several times this year and i hated it. You seem to use different muscle's so i had pains in places i normally would not and it is sooo boring i couldn't wait to back to the uk and run outside again


I struggle with balance on the treadmill and end up holding on to the sides. This in turn makes my gait even worse.

I went outdoors for a run last night in the wind and rain. I use my phone for music and use my hands free headphones. When it got dark, my husband rang me every ten minutes for an update on my location. We agreed the route before the run and the plan was if I didn't answer the phone he would come looking for me.

I am not sure about running in the snow or ice though and I am thinking I will have to resort to running on the treadmill at some point over the winter.

I have googled some treadmill training sessions to try and make these sessions more interesting. That's if i don't fall of the blooming thing first


This was my worry - I'd probably end up on my bottom.


Very hilly where I live and I've had a couple of injuries this year, so rarely run outside. I do a lot of classes at the gym and run on the treadmill after some of them. Don't like the treadmills which face the walls so always go on the ones which have full length windows. Don't find it boring at all - just get going and time flies!


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