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Owwwwww my back :-(

I'm feeling very sorry for myself - I've pulled my back/hip/glute/something down there. It was aching a bit the other day, then got better so I ran on it, no problem, was aching a little again yesterday but nothing more than a twinge so I figured it was safe to run on (W7R1) and I woke up this morning, coughed (I have the remnants of a cold) and nearly hit the ceiling - then tried to roll over and it just wasn't happening! Its so darned sore :-( I've no idea what I've done or how, but I'm not happy. I'm not supposed to run today which is good, but can't see myself managing to run tomorrow either. Grrrrrrrrr, my knee is fine, my chest is fine, my legs are fine - why my back?? What's happened there? Not happy!

Has anyone else hurt their back doing this and did it carry on?

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How are you feeling after a rest day? better I hope. If you you ask about exercises (in the question area) to help with said pain you'll find quite alot of help from graduates that have had similar problems and have found some great exercises to ease the problem. Don't know where the exercises are to be found as I only read other bloggs and know others have suffered but didn't take much notice as I haven't suffered from back/hip etc pain. Also check out tags for pain or the glutels and the bloggs with the links will come up, sorry I cant help more but post a question about it and i'm sure you'll find a wealth of knowledge :) Well done with your running hope wk7 r2 is a good run.


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