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Fit not Fat for 50: the 'Comedy London Marathon'

Don't you love it when running makes you laugh, albeit for some of the wrong reasons? I've recently completed week 6 runs 1 and 2 and these are a few of my funny moments:

Being stared at by a bedraggled little long haired black pug. It was a toss up as to which of us looked the zaniest!

Being overtaken by a man who I... er ... had assumed was actually sleeping rough in the park. Now with my ten year old M&S tracky bottoms I am not exactly a fashionista in the running stakes, but it made me smile - I love S. London parks - someone always appears a little crazier than you do.

Having a 'wardrobe malfunction' Eeek! Now just because one strap pings why oh why does that mean that both parts of your chest start to function independently and fight like puppies in a blanket? Am now the proud possessor of a new sports bra.

Have a happy healthy and very smiley week! :-) :-D :-) XX

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That is so funny! If one of my straps gave out I would hardly be able to walk let alone continue running! LOL!


Luckily it was fairly close to the end of the run and I sort of folded my arms for the cool down :-)


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