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Fit not Fat for 50: Warning this post contains photos!

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For me so much of the gain of C25K is increased confidence.

Just about to start week 9 and thought I would have the courage to share my 'Before' and 'After' photos with you all. The 'Before' photo is from January so a couple of months before I started C25K but most of the changes have occurred since I started on the programme in March. So this post is for anyone who is, like me, trying to get fitter and trimmer by exercising and eating healthy food. Someone asked me for my 'secret' the other day and I said C25K. Their perplexed face suggested they thought C25K was the name of a slimming pill, tee hee :-D So they had their ear bent for 5 minutes to put them right!

Sorry if I've put anyone off their supper :-)

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Well done to you and don't be daft about the photos! You look great.

You have done really well and should be extremely proud of yourself! :-)

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Gosh, well done!!

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wow, well done to you! :)

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Brilliant! Fantastic achievement well done!!!! :)

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Awww, thanks everybody - you make me smile :-)

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Your first line sums up my feelings perfectly and I'm glad you wrote it as that's what the pictures can't show. Size and weight is one thing, but how I feel having realised I can do C25K has affected so many other aspects of my life. Confidence is such a drug.


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TapiraGraduate in reply to Joysmum

I initially started C25K to help me lose weight- but now I've got so much more interested in 'fitness' than 'fatness' and I suppose 'confidence' rather than body 'contours'!

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You look amazing well done. x

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TapiraGraduate in reply to debssey

Thank you Debssey! And hope your bright yellow top gets an outing this weekend!

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Blimey Tapira, what a difference!

You look great! :)

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TapiraGraduate in reply to gypsydepp

Thank you gypsydepp. i think running is really helping me on my way and that's very motivating

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well done look great

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TapiraGraduate in reply to glendam52

Well that's just part of it... whatever it is I'm really glad I joined c25k

What a brilliant idea to take photos, it really does show how far you've come. You look fantastic!!

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TapiraGraduate in reply to TJFlute

Teresa -you are always so encouraging - to everyone - time well spent - thank you for your support.

What an amazing change. Thank you for sharing your photos. You are right - you start thinking this is a physical thing and then you realise that it's mental. Such an unexpected bonus.

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Very well done ! I agree, growing confidence is one of the best things about the program - something I didn't expect :-)

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Well done, what an inspiration and than you so much for sharing the photos with us.

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Well done you. I hope you are really proud of yourself, you are an inspiration to everyone here. I am going to do week 6 run 3 on Sunday and am always motivated to go on by all the brilliant support, advice and success stories on here.

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TapiraGraduate in reply to cattery

I agree this is a very supportive community - and all the best for Sunday!

Well done, what a fab difference :) And grat to hear your confidence levels hae been boosted too! Thanks for sharing your photo, very inpirational :)

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Thank you everyone for all your support. Off to run week 9 run 1 now and it's NOT raining ! :-)

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Well done Tapira :-)

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Thanks for sharing. What an inspiration! Well done.

Truly an inspiration! Fantastic - congratulations!

Fantastic well done :-)

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Wowzers! What an amazing journey and it's not over yet :) You look fabulous, well done :)

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WOW the photos are great. As a fellow 'nearly 50' working to get fit im very impressed.

Wow- i have had exactly the same experience. I am ow a size 10 when I was a 14 (US). You look amazing. I played tennis today with some folks that hadn't seen me. I had my hair pulled back and new glasses and one of them didn't know who I was until I got up close. Totally funny.

I have never felt so good. I have decreased my blood pressure meds and I owe it all to Laura. Love running with her.

Congratulations to your new health and new body. Thanks for the pics.

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You look great, the confidence comes from taking on a challenge outside of the comfort zone and completing it, you deserve to feel good about yourself and your achievement

uh..WOW! Fantastic achievement. Well done you|! :)

WOW u look amazing and im so inspired i have just started im on w1r1 trying to loose my pregnancy belly so u have pushed me to try even harder thank u sooooo much for putting up ur picture.

Exactly what running can do. It trims and tones. You look great and you must be proud of yourself.

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