W4R1- Oh me oh my!

Took to the streets after work again to do this run and boy it was tough. Shins are hurting a bit now but I pushed through and was so happy I had run for that length of time.

Need to get a new route as passed the same house which is getting there driveway re done 3 times this week and the workmen are now waving at me!!

Off to boot camp Fri-Sun so no running till I get back, if I can even walk after that, te he!!

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  • have an amazing time at Boot Camp, I would love to do that! You must give us an update on how you get on.

    In my earlier weeks I did laps around the football pitch which is next to a lorry park, I'd get a few things shouted out at me, I just smiled and waved, felt nice actually though.

    Well done on your run, hopefully your shin pain will ease off.

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